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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spiny08, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone could please help me out with some running tips. I run 1.6 in 10:02 but have been doing for about 3 weeks now. I go for selection next monday so i only have just under a week to try and improve my times. I run 1.6 mile on even ground with some short sprints in between. Has anyone got any ideas on how to improve. Cheers. Spiny.
  2. 10.02 not bad fella....did you get given the booklet "Get fit for the army"?

    should give you some tips in there :D

    Good luck for selection next week though mate! sure you'll be fine :)
  3. no i dint get it i dnt think i myte pop dwn to the local office tommorow n get it off them n have a chat cheers for replying m8 regards spiny.
  4. Your time is good enough to get in methinks, i'm sure you will improve in basic. A wee is not enough time to get it any quicker though
  5. mate it's easier on the day, the PTI sets the pace so just keep in line with him/her and you'll be sound.
  6. Ok cheers for the advice i cant wait im sure the nervs will pass once im there :D cheers spiny.
  7. remenber thats your best time doing a simulation on the day your gonna have adrenalin and support pushing you so that time is good mate just keep focused try not to get to nervous good luck fella
  8. breathing wise (I had a lil trouble) I was told when you breath out it can help if you act like your blowing out a candle as it empties your lungs of air more and if you try to breath out on the left foot I think. but on the day its a lot easier with either a group of you or a pti shouting at you.

    Best of luck
  9. No PTI setting the pace at Glencorse! Just a load of girls who're faster than me!!! :D
  10. I was doing my 1.5 before recruit selection in about 10.15 to 10.30. On the day with everyone there i done it in 9.50.
  11. same as me hypno85, my PB on a treadmill was 10:00.. on the day it was 9:53!
  12. I don't recall any PTI running the route on my selection at Pirbright, they all stood around the start and let us go off having warmed us up.

    Would have preferred a PTI to beast me round, to be honest.
  13. Dont worry to much mate, you're already running a good time and your obviously keeping your fitness levels up. As iceman said you'll also have the adrenalin giving you a boost.

    Good luck at selection.
  14. Go down to your local Gypsy camp and buy yourself two half starved Pit-Bulls. When you go for your next run, get a mucker to let them off the lead and chase after you. You be running a sub 7 minute BFT in no time.
  15. when you are running the assesment is it all flat surface no uphill