Tips on Getting Promoted


There must be a trick to it, so lets here them  ::)

OK, I will start working really hard and keeping a clean sheet and never taking credit for anbodys work....

Did i forget anything.... ???


Screw up as many times as possible and really piss people off in high places.......guaranteed to get you promoted
Funny thing promotion.  I've seen some idiots in my time getting tapes.  Could never understand why.  I made it to SNCO in ten years.  I volunteered for everything going.  Did my cadres as soon as I was eligible and through myself at them (don't know what they're like now, but my junior cadre still gives me nightmares).  Got myself on the up graders and EFP courses as soon as eligible as well.  I think having a good personality helps.  Getting to know everyone, and not just being the quiet bloke in the corner who stays in and watched vids every night (but don't become an arsel1cker).  At the end of the day, it's your career, and your the only one who can shape it and be all that you want to be.  

be all that you want to be
Isn't that the SPAM army tag line? Something you ain't tellin' us Yank-boy?
Sorry Woopert.  Me no Yank.  Proud to be an Ex-AAC chap.  Couldn't think of a good line this morning.  Still fighting this flu bug.  Have to be mended before boss puts corporate card being the bar tomorrow (figured away to nick a few bottles of Moet !!).

Anywhoo, 1986, The Year Of The Professionals (or so the Army ad went).  Be all you want to be. Etc.

Wiggly, hopefully your AAC, so I suggest you shock your section IC or Sqn 2IC by requesting something along the lines of an infantry type course, eg, cadre, junior Brecon, methods of instruction course (an NCO in Trg Wing, cushy, get to watch the Sqn get gassed, etc).

Here we go, Aim High !

SPAM (for those who don't know)  Spastic, Plastic, American, Motherfcuker  (hello censor  



Thanks for the Tips but what if  ::)

You had done all the couses and then some, and you where a straight A........what then ???
Punch the adjutant ;D


Adopt a crap accent, say Aussie for instance, or have a good career laugh, louder than anyone elses and laugh longer than anyone else, erspecially at an Officers joke.


Posting to Winchester. good idea but was aiming a bit higher, they dont have a slot for me  :-/

dont think i will punch the Adj....... does that work ???

I like the accent idea, and i know that works........hmmmmmmm

But of course you got to maintain it........ or have you ???

There has to be a better way !!!
There's one more channel to go down, and that special duties.  Pass selection (a few months of pain, but no worse then junior Brecon with a few beatings in between) and get to become an acting Sgt, earn lots of money, carry a gucci weapon and possibly meet evil and bad people.  Failing that, walk round hanger clucking like a chicken.  Worked for me.


Thanks once again but just hit the age limit. which up until making the steps in that direction I did not no.......

Ow well.......... ::)    Cluk Cluk
And tonights numbers are.......3.........56........35.......26......51.......and 27 with a bonus ball of ................9. Pick the numbers and you shall reap the rewards. Or am I being a bit cynical? Name recognition might be the way ahead. That means good or bad. I know complete tossers who are up the poster (you know, that rank poster we all had on the wall whilst in training, you did training, right?).

PS Not bitter or passed over (SSgt at 32, very par I believe). Not telling you when that was though, the walls have ears you know! I should be a Lt Col by now! And I have a trumpet.
Mein Gott im Heilm (is that German for 'My God in Hell'?).  Lord Flasher, I ALWAY'S thought you were an officer.  MMmmm.  

Anywhooo, me thinks Wiggly, that if after doing everything possible to further your career (bar knocking the s h i t  out of the Adjt) , and it's getting you no-where, maybe (and I'm not been tosser here or slagging you off), maybe you need to look at yourself as a person?  If I'm WAY off the mark there, apologies.

Right, I'm off to the pub.  December has been a bumper month for me profit wise, so drinks on me !!  Merry Humbug to all  ;D

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