Tips on getting fit for any regiment...

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sparky1, May 20, 2008.

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  1. I'm joining the paras over the next few months, i've had my interview and BARB e.t.c. now i'm waiting to go for selection... and i have few tips for getting fitter for any regiment. This has worked well for me.

    My tips are that you should:
    Press ups;
    do random sets of press ups through out the day, start with ten at first and just do them when nobody is around so you dont feel stupid. and every morning and night do as many press ups you can in one go. after a week or so you'll be increasing the random sets of press ups you do to about 20-30 at a time.
    Sit ups;
    Do the same as above with sit ups but mix it up a bit, do some alternate elbow to knees and some crunches aswel as just sit ups ups.
    This is the one that most people have problems with for various different reasons. my tips are go out for a run as much as you can, even if you dont feel up for it, just run. you may only run about a mile, but it's better than not have run at all. If you have plenty of time to train, then i'd advise doing at least one, one hour run a week, two half hour runs and a mile and half p.b. per week.

    These have helped me get from a mile and half run of 9.30 to 8.30 in just a month and a half. my press ups have inmproved from 41 in 2 minutes to 64 in just 2 weeks and sit ups improved from 62 to 68. (i can now do 45 press ups without stopping in about 40 seconds)

    I'm not saying this is the best training routine but it has helped me a lot and i dont get very bored with it. I hope this can help some of you aswel (Y).
  2. I would hardly call that an improvement :wink:
  3. basically lads and lasses just completely randomise it, while maintaining rest days ofcourse (with the more physically excerting excercises), so you always catch your body ofguard and really gain the maximum result from your workout. SHORT SHARP SHOCK.
  4. Guys, if you go on the royal marine website ( for you lazy bastards), and go to their fitness programme thing, there is an excellent circuit training programme which works wonders. I'm now on 68 pressups and 97 situps in 2 minutes.
  5. And are these proper test standard press ups
  6. I can do 108 speed push ups in 1 min.
    81 standard (1:1:1) pushups in 1 min.
    As for 2 mins, i dont think i can last it with speed push ups :oops: and about 110 standard. :twisted:

    If you GET to Pegasus Company, im going to eat you :D
  7. can any1 tell me if its better to do the press ups and sit ups before or after a run and how to improve my time in the 1.5 mile run (10min.05secs)
    and how would i be able to improve on my pull ups if i havnt got a pull up bar
  8. HOLY CRAP!!
  9. Do people actualy need to train and improve their level of fitness to join these days?

    FFS just walk to school, do sports and run around as a kid.