Tips For The B.A.R.B


I've got my BARB on monday, I want to have the best chances of getting as many different jobs as possible, so can you give me a few tips please?

I've been looking into the Royal Signals, but i'm not sure about that. Does anyone know the rough scores to get into different sections/regiments within the Army?

Thanks, Joel
Get over about 60 and you'll be able to do whatever you want (well, as far as which options the BARB opens for you).

It's all rather easy. You should have been given a book with examples of what you'll get on the test.
Do as fast as you can and as accurate as you can.
Dont panic.
Make sure you understand each questio in the revision booklet.
Good luck.
Have a look through the revision book before hand it will help you Alot.
A friend of mine who got A's and B's in his GCSE's failed it first time round because he didnt read the book 8O .
Best to do what Leguy said. Read threw the revision book quite a few times. Apart from that get threw it as fast as possible. I got 63 percent which is a good score. It let me do my trade. Just aim for 60. You should be able to do you're trade.


The BARB is easy, as others have said read through the revision booklet try and do it as fast and as accurately as you can.

I got 73 and i was and still am a total mong

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