Tips for speed work for 1.5 mile

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by howlermonkey, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. Currently im running around 9.5 -10 mins for the 1.5 mile but i really want to get this time down to 8mins.

    Any tips for this?

    What is the best kind of training to increase your speed?

  2. You need to add speed work twice a week to your weekly mileage.

    I find that 3 x 800m intervals with a 3 min jog/walk rest period are great for reducing your 1.5 mile time. run the 800s at about 3:15 for the first week and then gradually try to get it down to 3:00 or less. these intervals should not be 100% efforts but you should definitely be out of your comfort zone.

    after a few weeks you can increase the difficulty by adding more repetitions or reducing the rest time or even adding some 400m intervals at the end.

    Remember if you want to run fast then you have to get your legs and lungs used to running fast - there is no substitute.

    All the above advice assumes that you already do regular runs! if not then build slowly to at least a 20 mile per week base mileage - nice and easy.
  3. Im running on average 30 miles a week so fitting in some 'speed work' shouldnt be to much hassle

    Will give that a try then.

  4. i'm down to 8.45 now, i found just by me having 'goals' i gradually get better, so everytime i run i'm trying to beat 8.45 , i started at 10.30- 4 weeks back now i'm down by 2 mins,
    not very scientific lol, but just try to keep beating your time

    at first it was easy and i was cutting 30-60 seconds off each week, now it's a tad harder and i'm pleased with 10 seconds diffrence