Tips for quicker recovery as you get older.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by bitterandtwisted, Dec 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys. Now I am approaching the ripe old age of 38, and things physically dont get any easier as you get older. I seem to ache like buggery after phys sessions even moreso now.... So whats your tips for a more speedier and painless and way of getting rid of those aches and pains and lactic overload..... I did my AFT (CFT for the old and Bold amongst us) and I felt fine on the day.

    But when I got up this morning I thought I been batered to death with snookers ball in socks and in particular my legs and back. I do have small levers also guys as I am slightly vertically challenged squadster. Apart from the man the **** up answers, you dribbling old fart... Is there any top tip pointers, I do use tiger balm regular and stretch off, but am open to any other suggestions????

    Cheers in advance.... Bitterandtwisted
  2. stay on the couch
  3. I have a protein shake after phys - I have found it helps me, and I'm 40 next year.

    But like you said, make sure you stretch off afterwards, and take on plenty of fluids throughout the day.

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  4. Does the protein bang on the weight though?? As i am intending to keep it off at the mo?
  5. B&T, I did an AFT last Friday carrying 25kg (incl weapon and helmet etc). I'm 49 and the PTI did it bang on the time. I found that the aches came the day after as well. I think mate, the only thing to do is keep the phys going.

    We did a couple of warmer into the bank weighted walks during the preceding weeks as build up and really, the only problem for me was hotspots on the feet and a blister at the top of my left boot (I think from the hooks on my elastics).

    I've sacked the running pretty much now but I go to the gym 3 times a week, do a 10km/20min cycle to warm up and a weights split-routine.

    I find if I have a lay-off (2 weeks leave, say) it's harder to restart the routine but I'm stronger for it.

    End of rambling thoughts (for now).
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  6. Wait until you get to 56 and your ankles are shagged. :)
  7. Wait til you hit 40. I found taking a few minutes to warm up, and a decent cool down at the end of any exercise has made a huge difference to recovery. That and glucosamine sulphate for my banjaxed knees and ankles. Thank you BCH.
  8. No mate, I use the Promax Diet one, haven't put on any weight using it - in fact I have lost a few Kg.

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  9. Only if its the mass gain stuff; try whey protein, the stuff I use has around 2 grams of carbs and 23g protein per serving
  10. Cheers Blunts for addy. My job entails shifts which can be an arrse ache juggling family life and work phys also, so a steady routine is difficult. Nice avatar name by the way I ran up that ****** a few times by the old seaton barracks back in 93, thats the pain I am feeling now - horrible lane from hell, making ache at the thought of it now.....!!! thats certainly when my lungs hang out the back of my arse!!!
  11. I use a protein supplement twice a day when I'm training and I'm only toning up. The weight training I do is body weight based (heaves and pressups) with a bit extra when I do tricep dips (+12.5kg). I've put on about 5kg in a year. I'm 6' 2", though and have been a streak of piss my whole life.

    I change my weight training around PFT time and just condition to pressups and situps.
  12. Are you guys taking the protein shakes directly after the session in the alleged golden 20 mins of phys?
  13. That is indeed the badger. I was posted there for 8 years (85-93), had the time of my life. Crownhill Fort Moat would have been a better avatar name though, for inducing flashbacks in the cognoscenti.
  14. Drink more(not booze-water) and pretend it's not happening. Play to your strengths. I got made to hang off the beam as punishment for talking in phys today. The PTI couldn't hang as long (I'm shit at heaves though!). I'll always be 28. **** 'em!
    1 Min 48 btw....

    And we're the same age
  15. Ahh the days of being a young hat in ord sqn getting thrashed, I miss them so!!!!!!!!