Tips for Nijmegen wanted!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Vaughany, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Dear Pongo's.
    I'm an Air Cadet and have just completed my first Nijmegen training session. Can anyone who has done Nijmegen or Cosford give me any tips or tricks to benefit me in training and when I'm there.
  2. Make sure you can move your legs.
  3. Start to bath your feet in sugical spirits, less than a quid for a bottle from the chemist.
    Double up on socks, one thin pair one thick pair and change them at every stop. Talc them aswell, not creams, talc and cream causes abrasive action.
    Decent fitting boots, well broken in and dont wear elastics in your trouser bottoms.
    Take plenty of instant energy food, haribo jelly babies are good, keep a bag in your pocket and eat to your hearts content.
    Get a camel-back and only use water in it. A 2 litre one will suffice.

    If I think of anything else i'll post it.
  4. 1. Don't smoke any of the really strong stuff on the way round, or you won't be able to immerse yourself in the mind numbing boredom of it all.

    2. Use two condoms when you bring the stuff back through customs.

    3. Opening up with insults is not the best way to ask for advise.
  5. you'll probably want to go to holland at some stage so you can take part.
    .....and just so you don't let the atc down.....drop out after 2 or 3 miles.
  6. Put one foot in front of the other...continously!
  7. In contrast to a piece of advice that's been given; don't let surgical spirit anywhere near yer plates. Whenever you can, walk barefoot. On fine gravel is best, but coconut matting will also do at a pinch, as will any reasonably rough surface. Make sure you put lots of cream on yer plates, particularly the parts where the skin is thicker, to keep it supple. What you want to achieve is thick, supple skin that will move with yer Blackpool rocks inside yer daisies and not present a stiff surface for them to rub against.

    Buy a dozen packets of glucose lozenges in Holland. They're available wherever sweeties are sold. These will give you an immediate energy boost. For longer term energy, stuff yer skies with loads of biccies, digestives are ideal, but try and avoid any sandwich biccies with a sweet filling, unless they're de Beukelar (red packet, same size as digestives, also available in Holland), since they'll make you unnecessarily thirsty.

    Otherwise, just do yer best and I wish you luck. It's a fantastic experience.

  8. Fair comments there Bugsy, but having done a couple of them in my time, surgical spirits was and still is my prefered method of hardening the skin on my plates.

    Never had a blister in my life mate.
  9. Move out of the way when the Gurkhas come running through...... (Do they still run with full back packs?)
  10. Latch onto a female team, but stay behind them and watch those nice ARRSES swaying. Like a carrot on a stick will keep you going for miles and miles!!! :p
  11. Try and emulate some of the top 'atheletes' from the 2006 competition.

    1. Ensure the air temperature is in the high nineties.

    2. Take no more than 4ml of drinking water with you.

    3. Dehydrate and die.
  12. Don't cry, it makes you look bad.

    Try and flag down a taxi when you get tired and then give it the royal wave as you go past your mates.
  13. Thanks. I'm pretty sure I won't die. I was using sorbothanes to try and stop my feet getting a severe pounding and the damn things don't do the job properly. It was only a 10 mile march and it felt like i had a badger biting my foot. I'm using Lowa Mountain boots so can anyone offer any suggestions. :?:
  14. No mountains in Holland the last time I looked, it's as flat as a Witch's tit mate!!! :roll:
  15. If someone tells you there are tanks you would do well to believe them??