Tips for Kit for Iraq

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by yns1, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Gents im after some advice. My Bn have a tour of Iraq coming up and i was just wondering if i could pick the brains of the lads who have been out there previously. Any tips for what extra kit to take or anything when you got out there you wish you had of taken. Just want to be able to pass it on to the boys to try hopefully make life a bit better for them............. if thats possible.
  2. I have mates who've been (some more than once). They would say bring a laptop, iPod, and camera. No tactical or practical reason, but they help pass the time. Bring DVDs as well. And bring candy, the kids are serious beggers. Now I'll let people who were actually there talk.
  3. Echo all of the above, plus a sense of humour. I've been twice now (God knows when I'm going back) and sense of humour's probably the best and most important thing I had with me.
  4. Thanks. Im gonna take hexi blocks for the kids....ill be eating some good old kendal mint cake when i dish it out. :D
  5. Don't go mad buying DVDs to take - your helpful Iraqi shopkeep will gladly sell you a wide variety of them for about $(US)5 for 3.
  6. Doesn't matter where you go. First thing you should always pack is...

  7. "DVD Jiggy-jiggy" are dirt cheap but of variable quality and the subject matter can be quite errmm... interesting. The titles are written in Arabic so often it's a case of try before you buy. Make sure there's a laptop in the guardroom.
  8. My buddy was in Iraq last year, and kept a blog during his deployment. Has some stuff on local culture he picked up, and how to get on their good side. If you have family back home who can send you stuffed animals, footballs, and candy to give to the kids, it might help you out (if not, the kids are usually amusing enough on their own when they get stuff)

    Also, here's a kit list another friend of mine put together after his Telic 1 deployment
  9. Good idea as being stoned for an hour in a sangar is all ways good for a laugh :D .those little shits had lessons off that david bloke .
    laptop digi camera i pod great ideas .
  10. a blackwidow catapult (to twat the local kids who chuck rocks)*

    an ASP baton (to twat the local kids who chuck rocks)*

    (*the RMP will pilfer it all on the way back to blighty)
  11. I am in Iraq at the moment, so here is my top tip:

    T-Shirts - FCUKING LOADS OF THEM!, you sweat like a cnut out here, I am going through 3 a day at the moment.

    For a winter tour though (Telic 9 presumably), Echo what everyone else has said. Wash kit is very expensive at the EFI, so bring plenty of that as well.
  12. Plenty of toiletries such as shaving cream and blades, soap, shower gel, as the EFI prices are over inflated!

    Birthday / Aniversary / Christmas cards, again can be pricy in EFI!!!!

    Set up a "E-BLUEY" account with BFPO web site before going out as it can be a bit trickey when you have very little tinternet time out there! It would be good idea to get freinds and family to also set up accounts, as any letters they write on there you get within 24 hours!!!!
  13. great advice. Cheers
  14. Check out the 'kit for the sandpit part 2' topic in the QM's and Logistics board, where I gave tips based on my own experience of playing sandcastles.
  15. decent wicking socks as issue jobbies give you foot rot