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Tips for field weekend

Afternoon all, going out into the depths of rabbit wood this weekend and wanted to know if anyone had any general tips to make the weekend as enjoyable as possible, so far i've got bungees, tights, mars bars and bog roll, probably have to pay a lot of money for that combination in a boudoir
Take warm kit and waterproof it. 8O

Take an electric blanket, kettle and toaster. Your DS will tell you where the Electric Tree is.

:roll: Oh and do'nt wear all your clothing when you are told you are going to do Fire & movement :roll:
If its a TA weekend from my experience take civi clothes change of shoes and plenty of beer money. You can always count on having a p1ss up on the saturday. If not then you can be sure somone will take beer to sell.
piespies said:
Sweaty, you forgot the skyhooks and the DPM paint...!
Did you know that skyhooks really exist?? They are part of the RSigs liney kit for stringing comms cable over roads and stuff.. (I assume that they had another name and that they changed the name to Sky Hooks after the 1,000,000th liney came to stores to sign one out?)

Back to the thread, I always try to make sure I take a caravan on field weekends, much comfier than using basha's and stuff...
In addition to the bungees, tights, mars bars and bog roll, you will need:-



Avoid falling down any wells and dont talk to any strange men.

Hope this helps
I always find a small sherpa boy to carry my kit and make brews comes in handy. Also, if you're enterprising, you can sell time with him to some of the more sexually-frustrated members of your unit. Just make sure those pesky NSPCC people don't find out or they will probably moan at you.

Has the TA come to the point where field weekends are not considered the norm?
I would tie some pots and pans to your rucksack, stick a 12 inch knife in your sock and tie a scarf around your head. Oh, and dont forget the 15 different shades of cam cream and the 6 ring gas cooker for your camping weekend.

have fun!!

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