Tips for female officers

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Posh_91, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. As an officer (being a female) or to become an officer (being a female), I feel especially if they are moderately attractive they need to act that little bit better in behaviour and intellect than all the guys...

    Because it is very easy to get reputations...

    From a guys perspective, what should female officers be acting like and what should they not be acting like??

    From a girls perspective, do you agree with what I think, or do you think something completely different?

    All constructive comments appreciated

    Cheers :D
  2. Just act normal, I can't see why your gender makes any odds to be honest. You will be judged on your performance anyway imo.

    Being good looking can only help :)

    If you are attractive, do you have a picture?
  3. First thoughts are that over time, you'rereputation will become ever more closely aligned to your abilities. But, like everywhere, first impressions count, and rightly or wrongly may become formative. For anyone, this may involve battling against stereotypes.

    There's loads of civvie literature about looking and acting the part. Quite a lot of it applies across the board. My guess that the bits that are most immediately applicable are: never rely on looks/flirting/wheedling, be well groomed but not remotely sexy, get firm minimizing no-bounce bras, do not get noticeably drunk, never ever ever sleep with a colleague (and if you do strike up a potentially serious relationship keep it rigidly covert until you're ready for a formal commitment), and just do the job without worrying about it too much. Once you're no longer the "new girl" there'll be nothing much to worry about.
  4. OK I'm going to bite. Give head without question and often.

    Reserve full sex for blackmail and career progression.

    Sleep with women for true satisfaction.
  5. Wear something sexy!
  6. And for Gods sake drop the "female is second class so I have to try harder", attitude. It's actualy cobblers and most blokes know it. No one expects you to "try harder because I'm a woman", but they do expect you to be one of the team - or, if an officer, the team leader. Some years ago I was conducting final exams for EOD officers amongst which were a female RAF and a Female army candidate. In fact they were the first females to take the course. The RAF woman passed my bit of the course with flying colours and when I told her she had passed, said: "Whew, thanks Q". The army bird made a complete balls up of the test and when I told her that she had failed, she burst into tears and said "it's because I'm a woman, isnt it?"

    Just be you. Efficient, effective, impartial and, loyal to your team. And remember that those under you will drop you in the clart without a second thought. But only because they are human and because they cant see the big picture.
  7. That is actually really good advice....

    I am currently in the T.A I have been for a year now, doesn't help I guess being a RA Gnr... It's good mixing with different people, I love it. But sometimes you just can't help thinking, what do they think I am... just another Blonde bimbo...If only I was born a boy then I wouldn't have to stand out.

    I think though, applying more to instructors maybe they think either one of two things 1. She's pretty so we'll just leave her to it (which can actually be quite times) or 2. What does she think shes doing here? Errgo... hard time and sexual connotations... But I guess it all just depends on the person, and how much you care what other people think.

    Just wanted to know some more opinions
  8. Get em out at functions...the boys will love it and except you as one of their own :p
  9. I get that it can get a bit old for guys when women ask these sorts of questions.... But it also seems too easy for them to jump to quick negative assumptions.

    I think you are right in what you are saying... some women do use the excuse of, 'it's because I'm a woman isn't it?' but thats not what I'm asking...

    I don't think everyone treats women differently in the military, just some people... I can only speak from personal experience. It seems as though some women have a very big chip on there shoulder, even before it is brought up. For example, I have known defensive women saying there bit... when the topic wasn't even brought up by anyone. And when women expect things.. like lighter weight to carry and more time on there fitness, even that annoys me because I seem to think, why join up if you expect an easy time... go and do something more suitable for yourself.

    But I want to know how to avoid these situations when they arise. I realise you can't prevent first judgements, because we all do it and we all are allowed. But from other peoples experiences I really wanted to find out what not to do, and what to do to improve...

    Like 'don't sleep with colleagues' and don't get 'too drunk'...definitely noted, not a good idea to be doing that... otherwise your just asking for trouble!

    So yeah... thats my 2p
  10. I really don't think they will :D
  11. We'll be the judge of that ...dirty little princess :)
  12. Have you got any meaningful advice... because all you are doing so far is supporting my original argument...

    Knowing that I'm right makes me happy
  13. I'm sure you posted "All comments appreciated."

    Please, show your appreciation!
  14. I assumed I would be talking to adults in this website. Lesson leant you shouldn't make assumptions!

    But thanks for supporting one side to my argument btw... any useful opinions?
  15. As a woman currently applying to be an officer, I would want to be treated the same as any other officer. I currently work in a team that is exclusively male (and I'm the youngest!), and rather enjoy the banter and lack of bitching that context brings. I hold my own, give as good as I get and all that jazz. Surely, respect based on good work is what everyone should be aspiring to in any work circumstance?!

    If women whine/use their virtues to get ahead, then they can't complain about sexism etc when others play up to it?