Tips for Air Corps interview process.

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Hi All.

I am currently filling in the Army application forms with the intent of going into the Army Air Corps. I don’t know anyone who is in the Army let alone the Air Corps, therefore at an end who to ask for advice. Could anyone with experience of the process please offer any tips or hints that would help me prepare for the up coming process. Any information given would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards.,

Browse this part of the forum matey. Lots of advice n info.

Currently im at the med docs stage so can only say up to then


1, walked into local careers office and asked to see army recruiter. Was given a few DVDs about jobs available
2, Returned next day and recieved the Application forms which I filled out and returned. Then i was given a date for my BARB aptitude test.
3 After a lil bit of swotting up I sat the BARB as well as basic numeracy and literacy tests. Upon finishing i got given a series of medical forms to hand to my GP for completion.

After these are cleared and the army docs say ya ok i think u have a series of interviews and then attend ADSC where ya running/strength etc is assessed. Passing this leads to a date to begin basic training and to take ya oath.

Im only at the med form stage so the bits after are what iv read in other posts. Best thing is to ask at local ACIO

Best of Luck Matey
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