Tips for a short ARRSE - Molle belt

Well, I am not that short; however, I am a bit squat in the body. For that reason, I find that there is very little space between where my Osprey ends and the base of my hips. Often it feels like the belt is pushing up the Osprey when i'm moving about. Any other short arse/squat body types had the same problem, and has anyone got any practical advice or tips relating to this?
I would be tempted to suggest that your OSPREY is the wrong size. You do know that when it states 160/104 that the the 160 refers to a height range of 160 - 170 cm and it should sit just above your trouser belt?
I looked into that as I was issued 180 originally. It seemed to sit alright but on exercise it was giving me grief when kneeling and moving about. I managed to get it changed to 170 (luckily as this seems to be like rocking horse shit to get hold of with my chest size)and this sits a little bit higher but it is still between my belly button and my belt buckle. Have not fully tested the 170 out yet but I still reckon it'll be problematic.

Just seeing if anyone else has this issue and if there are any good tips about how to wear it. I bought a low profile belt in a small size, so as not to interfere when running, but again I have not tested this out yet.
On another exercise shortly so will post how I got on with the low profile molle belt and with various set ups between the Osprey and the belt. Hopefully, if I find a comfortable solution, i'll post it up in the event it is useful for anyone else in the future.
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