Tips and pointers for ITC Catterick

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by rifleman2be, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Hi all
    I start on 9 June at Catterick with The Rifles, just wondering if any one has any helpful information to give me a heads up before I arrive...
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  2. The white shops do a great chicken pizza.
  3. Don't forget to set your alarm clock when you go to bed on the 8th.
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  4. Don't smoke or eat with your hand in your pocket outside MaccyDees or you will get some mad woman (no cats) telling you off. Very loudly.

    Keep your head down, and the pizza at the White Shops are shit.
  5. Sod of you mad wench, they were great.
  6. Take the A1, coming off at the junction sign posted "Cattrick".

    Hope this helps.
  7. I'd be wary of people offering rides in a Puma.
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  8. "the White Shops ".Is the Garrison racist these days then.
    OP arrive a day early and get wankered on Aldi whisky,get lifted off R.M.P. in the sports centre,get a free lift up to Helles next day.
    What could possibly go wrong?.
    The white shops have always been shite unless you like spar cider. :)
  9. There's 2. You mong. One takes you to the back of beyond, and the other takes you to "We don't like your kind around here" or Colburn. Same same.

    Take the A1 up to Scotch Corner, hang a left towards Richmond (A6108), follow the road, at all the roundabouts, go straight on. You'll eventually find the Garrison.
  10. Why is the A610 cool?.
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  11. Getting off at Leeming Bar and taking the scenic tour will keep you well away from Richmond and it's environs...
  12. A6108.
  13. :-D
  14. What do I look like, an AA travel advisor?

    Why's it called "Cattrick", when its not "Cattrick" then?
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