Tips? ADSC Pirbright 17th. (Monday)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RecruitAC, Mar 13, 2008.

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  1. Instead of making the thread a day before I head to selection - I feel making it earlier looking for any tips would be very helpful for me in preparation terms.


    BARB: 72
    Run time: 10:38
    Job Choice: RA Obs Post Assistant
    Bullet pointed some things in notebook to revise about for the Ice Breaker.
    Hoping for AFC in September.
    Cooperative and Teamwork orientated.
    Confident but not cocky.

    Tad nervous due to a friend of mine went to ADSC on Tuesday and got back with a deferral on med terms. ( Lacking liquid in the joint on knee, leads to authritis *spelling?*)

    Any info would be great.
    I'm required to be at Train station for 9am-10am - But meeting a mate at 8 for a drink (water) and a chat... So not only will I be able to chat to any early birds and get to know them, but I will also be one of the first on minibus trips to ADSC.

    Thanks for any tips/info. Appreciate it.
  2. Hello
    i went to selection on tuesday and passed (Pirbright)
    the tips i can give you are
    dont put your hand in your pockets they go mad.
    Dont fold your arms.
    listen to everything they say because they will ask questions.
    when you do team tasks you MUST TALK and get INVOLVED people got defered for not doing enough in team tasks.
    give 110% on everything you do and even if your not struggling make out that you are a bit it shows them you are trying your hardest.
    make sure you have practiced your ice breaker it is alot harder doin that then you might think.

    oh yeah forgot to say

    in the medical if they ask you do you get headaches or have u got any injury say no if they ask have you ether had dry skin say no if they ask you have you had any niggles or any pains during traning say no

    for some of them reasons people got defered
    sum of them up to 3 years
    and never stop running in the gym or outside when you do fitness enless told to
    hope this helps

    i got 10.18 on my run
    8 heaves
    and 135 meters on the gerry can test
    people got less then me on some things but still passed because of how hard they tried so like i said always give 110%
    if theres anythink i missed out you want to know just ask ill be happy to help.
  3. ok well i was there a couple of weeks ago, one thing id advise ya against is dont fold your arms, dont be cheeky to anyone, do what your told, dont lie about your run time in the icebreaker or you'll look like a dick when you dont achieve your time stated, also when doing the team tasks try and give as many ideas as you can.
    hope that helps and good luck
  4. Thanks for that.

    I will give 120% you couldn't possibly imagine.
    I will keep the arms and pockets in mind.

    Bullet pointed some main things in a notebook that I read up on in another Ice Breaker helping thread.
  5. theres a grenade test you might want to learn some of this

    here is some of the answers

    the drill grenade is called
    it is dark blue with white stencling
    it is INERT witch means it is the same as the live grenade but with out the explosion

    i cant remember what the live grenade is called but
    it is a dark bronze green colour
    HE stands for High explosive
    its job is to stun and incapacitate
    its range is 20 metures if the enemy is unprotected or got no cover
    5 meters if the enemy is protected or in cover
    the stencling is gold
    they are the answers to some of the questions on the test. they will give you a lesson on it the night before so dont worry to much about it

    i got 9 out of 10 right with them answers you only need 5 to pass

  6. Damn helpful. Noted and will revise.
  7. Any other tips, or info?

    F**king kacking it now tbh.
  8. dont worry about it to much just enjoy it (as i did) it really isn't to bad just do what your told and shut up in front of the corprals ect :wink:
  9. Take spare undies then 8)
  10. infantry_man,

    why not just do the damn selection for them? Your not suppose to TELL THEM THE ANSWERS.

    The whole point of that test is to see whether or not they can remember some simple facts fairly quickly.

    also, make sure you have the correct answers if you really want to help, as the L109A1 HE Grenade is a 'DEEP BRONZE GREEN' colour, not 'DARK BRONZE GREEN'


    Our PTI got anyone who dropped the Jerry Cans before the end deffered for lack of commitment. It does hurt like hell, but its over before you know it.
  12. Fud.

    RecruitAc no point in revising these, as they have diffrent tests with diffrent questions, also most of infantry_man's answer would be makred wrong at Glencorse. 9/10 would be an embarrasing score because the test is more than easy.
  13. Just got back from town - Got new suit :D

    I'm not really nervous now, I just want to get it done with to know I have a place at AFC.

    Icebreaker easy?

    What's hardest part of the selection?

  14. i put dark bronze green colour and it was ticked as correct i no what im talking about you fcuking pleb

    and Mr.Bojangles ... why would they be marked rong at glencorse? a test is a test THERE ALL THE SAME ANSWERS

    at pirbright they give you the answers anyway (did with us and the group of lads before aswell) so im just giving a little bit of help
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