Tipple of Choice

I prefer to lose my memory because of

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  • Anything! as long as I wake up in my own vomit.

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Apologies if this has been done before.

Following on from another thread, what is the favourite tipple amongst ARRSE'ers. For me when in the UK it's traditional cider. In Germany it's Wobbly. How about you lot.
I like to vary between ales, lager and whiskey.
definately Guinness Extra Cold...cheeky vimto is overrated although it does have the advantage of tasting nice on the rebound!
old perculier
john smiths
veltins if im pushed
corona mexican--summer months
a nice bottle of red wine anytime
jagermeister,for the close...
Im a bitter or ale man, that dabbles in the occasional cider. For shorts....I used to drink JD and coke but Ive got kinda bored with that so I'll say Im between shorts!
You spoil perfectly good JD with coke? Shame on you.


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Pup, Veltins!! Christ I would have to be pushed, however I agree with the Jagermeister
Advocaat with brandy .......... 2 parts advocaat to 1 part brandy. Delicious. And no, of course I'm not a pi$$head.
bovvyblonde said:
Advocaat with brandy .......... 2 parts advocaat to 1 part brandy. Delicious. And no, of course I'm not a pi$$head.
Advocaat? eeeeew! its like drinking snot! (I should know) :puker:
veltins is cheep like me,-i do range to krombacker,but they give money to rain forest projects and im not helping bl...dy afrika for any amount of beer
Heinekin or Guinness to start off with and end the night on vodka or jagermiester.

I do not touch cider or whiskey as I lose what little self-control I have and I turn into a 'social hand-grenade'.
White wine and soda or vodka, lime and soda. And of particularly bad hangover days where to drink is inevitable again, a few swift port and brandy's (same glass).
Croft Particular sherry with an ice cube in it.

Lager or white wine. G&T if pushed (ice & lemon).

Last autumn's sloe gin is progressing well, as it happens!

Irish Whisky Liquor called Mulligan, brilliant on a Summers day with a load of ice.

A great aside with a cold Lager.

Mulligan is really hard to get hold of here. If anyone can help please please feel free to pm me.

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