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  1. The rate of inflation being what it is, where is tipping left?

    When the very nice chap from the AA had fixed your wagon roadside, a quid would have bought him a drink and a few coppers change.

    Nowadays a job that costs 20 if you apply the 10% rule gives you a two pound coin which won't buy a pint even in Wetherspoons.

    French restaurants at least add 'servis complet' so you know where you stand. Add some more if you want, but on a ton, you've done your bit for the catering trade.

    Will it die out? So I can be tight with a clear conscience, or will some new method come in?

    You tip a cabbie, but not a bus driver.

    You tip a cocktail waiter, but not a barman

    You tip a barber? For why, for why? If they are self employed, charge a living rate of pay, if people don't want to pay, your charging too much for your skills.

    I put this on the NAAFI bar because I'll probably get better and more amusing advice.
  2. You could always do what Tommy Cooper did. Give them a tea-bag & tell them to have a drink on you. :)
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  3. I tip when I'm on holiday in poor countries but never a large amount. I always leave a couple of pounds for the cleaner in a hotel if it's of course cleaned well.
  4. We get tips all the time, though mostly its the change left over from people buying drinks. All the tips go into a big jar (not really) and we get dished out our share every few weeks. It works out worse* for me as I get many, many tips** through the course of a shift because I am witty and charming.*** Quite a few restaurants here have a 'service charge' already added on though you need to have a good look because its always written in tiny fucking letters so daft twats will sometimes give a traditional tip too.

    *much better
    **absolutely fuck all
    ***because I am a grumpy cunt.
  5. I don't give tips in the UK. Several reasons for this but the key one is:

    I used to deliver building materials and would hand-baul several Tonnes each day in all weathers. Both to builders and to so-called DIYers. Essentially I was used as a labourer on wheels. But I never got tips for it. So compared to that, anyone carrying a tray for a job, or a pint, or just working a pair of scissors, or merely driving a taxi cannot possibly merit a tip.

    I even got complaints such as; "you should have put those 4 tonnes of concrete fence posts, gravel boards, slabs, ballast, sand and cement at the far end of the garden!"

  6. Buddy from the AA/RAC/ADAC 10 Euros or so.

    The busdriver, nope, he gets paid the same regardless how many are in the bus.
    Cab driver, depends on the service.

    Waiter/Waitress if the service is good 10%

    Barman (if I am sitting at the bar) the same

    Barber, also 10% if I am satisfied with the cut, and he has not talked my ear off. I am there for a haircut, not to socialise.
  7. You poor bastard. I sit on my arse for twelve hours a day for 4 on 4 off in a nice comfy office with tea on tap. On my 4 off you may find me in Barcelona or Krakow, prefer Madrid though. At work i'm watching films on the net, cooking me tea, surfing the net and loving it and the money too and do you know what? I used to do a job like yours, taxiing too, look for it, go for it, and it is yours.
  8. This is what I like about Arrse in general; you can sometimes get good advice from people who have got the T-shirt; we went to Brazil and the one thing asked for was my head torch. I think they could get the batteries, but the torch itself was hard to get hold of.

    Mind you in Wales they are grateful for IPKs.

    But as far as tips go I do sometimes wonder where the cash goes.

    Indeed cough up a living wage, and crack on.
  9. Have they stopped asking asking for pens, pencils & crayons now?
  10. I said that I USED to. I don't do that anymore. Just that it's one of my reasons for not tipping in the UK. I also think it's condescending. Would you tip your bank clerk? Your traffic warden? A self-employed specialist running his own firm? In jobs where tipping becomes the norm, then wages are typically kept low. Better for a sensible wage to be paid instead, if you ask me.
  11. I don't tip my whore's so i'll be fucked if i'm tipping any of them !
  12. I always offer the standard tip. "Never back favourites, and be kind to your mother".
  13. I don't tip any of those you list, as they are mostly well paid (the bank employee) giving me grief (the traffic warden), or self employed (your last example). As for the rest, it is a recognition of service above and beyond the call. A tip and a Thank You make it clear that I recognise them as human beings, and not as automations,
  14. HHH

    HHH LE

    I always make sure no one else sees me tipping to avoid embarrassment.
    Some people call it fly tipping !
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  15. I only tip fit younger women in the Uk on the off chance we'll meet elsewhere and they remember me and it leads to a shag.

    25 years and still waiting for the dream...
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