tip nazis.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by superjb, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Well,was at the local tip earlier,I was pounced on by two geezers who claimed to be tip workers or fucking whatever yer call them.the cunts examined me permit from top to bottom.I was asked a fucking million and one questions,I was asked to prove my identity, the cunts went through thirty odd bags of shite with a fine tooth comb.I was there for two fucking hours.I'am sure the cunts were after a back hander,cunts nearly got one.the bastards were only missing swastickas.
    Any one had any dealings?
  2. They probably know you're a pickey fly tipper.
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  3. I'd just shop elsewhere in future.
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  4. They probably remembered you from your last visit when the tip had to be shut up until they found all the body parts you'd dumped.
  5. The old tip used to be brilliant,I have been known to take away more than I took there, bit of fun haggling. That was real recycling. Now the council put their own men in, you're not allowed to touch anything.
    I just flytip now, or drop stuff off on the M5 when no ones looking.
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  6. Aye but it would of cost me a fucking fortune to go down the m5 & plod would of been on us straight away if I was hoying thirty bin bags oot me fucking window.
  7. Same shit here..Devon charge you for rubble/gyroc by the bag (which works out at £200/tonne), Cornwall doesn't so I went to launceston dump instead..tip stasi asked me to fill out a form, name address etc, i asked them if what i was doing was illegal..they said no so I said fuck off.
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  8. Aye fucking reet.I felt like I had to pass an exam to legally dump me shit.
  9. Local tip is ace. Neat as fuck. The bods there are really helpful. "Do you need a hand with that?" "Mixed bag? Don't worry, just drop it there and I'll sort it out". Good opening times. Well lit. The different skips/compactors are well-signed. No complaints at all.

    I know it's the NAAFI but I can't find any faults with it. As compensation, "Sit on this and twist!"
  10. Heres my tip: that little bloke from Germany with the funny moustache?
  11. Do you go there often?
  12. I've been happily disposing my old left shoes on the nation's motorways for years now. I chuck the right ones on school roofs.
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  13. Not as often as I'd like, I've still got a ton of soil/concrete mix to dispose of but with my fucked back I can't get it to the car. I suppose I could give the council a ring if I were really bothered. They'd come and collect. They're good like that.

    Having said that, it's about the only thing they're good about. They're absolutely fucking useless when it comes to transport planning.
  14. I love going to Chelson Meadow, ditching gash is liberating. Samain 11, is that your local tip?
  15. I presume these tips are operated by local government. Aside from the money they are parasiting from the public, what is the allure of garbage to councils; is it some sort of sexual fetish? If they tried fixed penalty notices for bin lids open over 1/4 inch here, there would be an armed uprising!