Tintype Photographs Capture Soldiers in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Ah bless its Pedro. They always tried to first in the air then got pissed of as they couldnt fly as fast as MERT. Mind you they would go in gung ho to some pretty hairy situations to get casualties out. Mad the lot of them.
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  2. Nice idea,but surely Photoshopping would have been easier?
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  3. Doesn't matter about speed, they land in the middle of it all and get the cas directly. Taking the 'that others might live' motto to the max.

    I got a similarly close picture of a Pedro spinning on the HLS, I was asleep in one of the isos waiting for my own pickup. It was only when I was stood in an inch deep puddle of blood I realised what the heli was.

    Top blokes the lot of them. Lots of green feet.
  4. What's the point? The photographs are unremarkable and using an archaic process doesn't add to anything other than the bullshit quotient. If Roger Fenton- whose wet-collodion images were in any case far superior to these- had been offered a digital camera and lappy loaded up with Photoshop, he'd have ripped your arm off.
    The point is the content, if you've got dull pictures it doesn't matter whether they've been taken using a camera made of panda foetuses and unicorn ringpieces and processed in fairy farts and mermaid milk, they'll still be dull pictures.
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  5. Surprised no one commented on pic 3- co-pilot. She'd get it even though she does look like a throw back to Flower Power. Pic 14- nice to see the pistol NOT being pointed in Gangsta style.
  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    fantastic images , more power to his elbow . well done yank .
  7. I like them.


  8. Have to agree with the above, they are not that remarkable, a sepia tone would have had the same effect and the poses are pretty bland too. -10 for effort.
  9. Pic 15, the group shot of the pararescue team, do you think the two in the middle didn't get the "ally notice" for the mean and moody look?

  10. Great bunch of guys though, and the eye candy working there.
  11. Cock.
  12. Was it the Tampax delivery?