TinTin WW1 Cartoon

Without sounding too soft-a number of years ago around Xmas time I saw a cartoon in a sort of Tin Tin style about WW1 in the trenches, I've tried to google it but got nowhere, it was really poingnient ( spelling ?), it was quite moving( honestly ) but was on in the morning...any ideas out there I would love to see it again.........cheers


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Bloody hell, cheers-tried finding it on youtube - no luck, looking at the details - you may not be a Motorhead fan but it would fit very well with their track called 1916-plenty of vids on youtube........cheers
If you're interested in the story of the 1914 Christmas Truce you may also want to have a look at this French film Joyeaux Noel (2005)

Believe the the person playing the Royal Scots Fusilier officer on the right was the guy battered with an Iron by Little Mo in Eastenders

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