Tintin books are racist....

An equality group is campaigning to get a Tintin book banned. The Commision for Racial Equality says Tintin in the Congo should be banned and taken off the shelf.


I don't think it should, where will it end, if we take away books that offend then our libraries would be empty (not that the next generation can read mind, thanks to this government). Religious books offend other religions, where does the line stop? I imagine a bombfire filled with books, Nazi censorship style.

I am not Alf Garnett or anything but we should keep available our media and history without editing it to cause less offence (more and more of our comedies from the seventies and eighties and nineties are being edited so they don't cause offence, such as Only Fools and Horses and Bottom). Surely people have a mind of their own and can judge for themselves!
ive got some of the original enid blyton 'gollywog' books. OK so i dont read them to my little boy, but they are staying on the shelf! these books were written a long time ago, and must be seen from that context
The CRE is an 'interesting' organisation.None of their senior people seem to be white,anglo saxon protestants.Is this organisation also 'racist?'
wireless_barf said:
ive got some of the original enid blyton 'gollywog' books. OK so i dont read them to my little boy, but they are staying on the shelf! these books were written a long time ago, and must be seen from that context
Exactly WB, if we censor bits from the past then people from future generations will believe that we always lived in a PC world (not the computer store!) and, ironically, people may even think that racism never existed because there is no evidence of it in literature on the shelves. I think people, generally, are smart enough, I hope, to see it in that context in time.

The Tintin books have been around for years and it seems a coincidence that this is happening when there are major hollywood movies being made about Tintin's stories (Peter Jackson and Spielberg co-making I think), maybe a case of jumping on the bandwagon even before the bandwagon sets off?
After reading this headline, I'm beginning to worry about some of the people who live in this country. This was/is a kids book from 30yrs ago when peoples concept of life, and in particular "The Dark Continent" was totally different to todays. This book is a harmless piece of fiction, the author has already apologised for it and now it is just a piece of history. I don't see a lot of complaints about footage of the 60's race riots and the way people were beaten just for being a different colour, there's no "you can't show that black man being beaten" even from the black community or the CRE. It's a piece of history that shows how life and people's thinking has changed for the better and that's how this book should be viewed. Banning books will just lead to all kinds of problems as there is bound to be something in this world that will offend someone, somewhere, sometime.
"He who controls the Past, controls the present, who controls the present controls the future", orwell.

as we all know, history is written by the victors. Perhaps theres some guilt hiding behind these PC inclinations...

If we erase this from history, then exactly what do we use as examples for teaching right from wrong?

even my missus is on the PC bandwaggon :D she veto'd my naming our new black puppy as a tribute to Guy Gibson and 617sqn...
muhandis89 said:
The CRE is an 'interesting' organisation.None of their senior people seem to be white,anglo saxon protestants.Is this organisation also 'racist?'
Trevor Phillips has already made a few gaffes in speeches that if made by a caucasian would be classed as racist and inflammatory.
While this comment would probably be better suited to a NAAFI conversation, my view about the CRE demanding that books are banned is nothing to snigger at.

Next thing I know I will have to surrender my Robertson's Marmalade Boy Scout gollywog.
I'm going to complain about Shakespeare, too, then. The Merchant of Venice is anti-Semitic, and loads of his plays are racially questionable by todays standards.

Let's also demolish all Grade 1 listed buildings as they can't comply with current fire regulations. I'm sorry Your Majesty, but because Tintin was rude to Africans you'll have to wait 30 years for a council house.

Fcucking nobs.
The only thing that needs banning is the CRE.

What does it actually do to help?

As for the book.

A spokesman said: 'This book contains imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice, where the "savage natives" look like monkeys and talk like imbeciles.'
Surely many did talk like imbeciles then, they were not even 3rd world yet, and still living in the dark ages. How many would be able to speak English.

ALthough at least they could speak English, no matter how badly, seeing as Tin Tin can't speak their language. He would probably sound imbecilic trying to talk the local language, but then the book would be unreadable.

The commission demanded the ban after a complaint by David Enright, 40, a human rights lawyer, who saw the book on sale in the children's section at a branch of the Borders bookshop chain.
Obviously a man with far too much time on his hands, I was quite offended when I found that "Barefoot Soldier" was on the same shelf as other biographies of such "esteemed" people as the beckhams, jordan, pete docherty and others. But I didn't write to all and sundry.

Mr Enright was with his black African wife and two sons when he discovered the tale of diamond smuggling on sale at a Borders store in London Colney, Hertfordshire, last month.

He said he was 'aghast' and his wife was 'speechless'. He spoke to the manager who told him it was on sale as a collector's item but agreed to withdraw it from display. In a letter of complaint, he said: 'You are promoting white supremacist ideas and ideals through your promotion of a book which seeks to demonstrate that a white child is more mentally and physically advanced than black male adults.

'Indeed, the book shows Tintin's dog, Snowy, being crowned king by the black people. You are promoting the racists' view that black people are disposed to violence and must be led, guided and commanded by white people and even dogs.'

Mr Enright, who also wrote to two police forces, said the book could be regarded as 'inciting racial hatred'.
Seriously though in, what, 1960's? Even now, can you honestly say that a some white children are more intelligent and civilised than some black adults?

That not one single black person would make a dog their king? Or have similar crazy beliefs?

1994, and the hutus "cut down the tall grass" (a reference to the average Tutsi being taller than an average hutu). 800,000 killed in a few months.

Surely this is more offensive than "Tin Tin in the Congo".

Or the amount of faith still placed in the local holy men or "witch doctors" who believe that intercourse with a virgin (in particular babies/young children) will cure HIV/AIDS?

I am sure that Mr and Mrs Enright could find other things to be upset about, in Africa, than a book written 30 odd years ago.

And the CRE.

I am not saying "Tin Tin in the Congo" is some sort of reference matierial, but it displays what europeans thought of the Dark Continent* in those days, and should not be censored.

*Even this is considered raciest now!!!!

A former name for Africa, so used because its hinterland was largely unknown and therefore mysterious to Europeans until the 19th century. Henry M. Stanley was probably the first to use the term in his 1878 account Through the Dark Continent.

Now apparently seen as a reference to the colour of the inhabitants skin.

Why are our standards being set by morons who don't understand the origin of certain things?

Oh that's why because they keep banning books!!!!
Noddy should be banned too. It is offensive to give his colleague the name "B**g E**rs", just because he has protruding Audio Orifices.

And his car doesn't display a tax disc.
RABC said:
Noddy should be banned too. It is offensive to give his colleague the name "B**g E**rs", just because he has protruding Audio Orifices.

And his car doesn't display a tax disc.
Especially the one where the gollywog gang was portrayed as the hoodies of Toytown. Can't have true life accurately portrayed in children's fiction, can we?
We live in a sad sad world...............Oh dont upset them..............I ve got two nigerian engineers on this site.........they speak absolute bollox...... i will be off hireing one next week for being a lying cnut......and lazy.....i am i a racist? not a fcuking chance......... he's fcuking usless thats a fact
Don't forget the Asterix series - plenty of racial stereotypes there. Why, even the ancient Brits are shown as tea-drinking aggressively moustached politely queueing umbrella wielding barbarians with plus fours.

And the scenes of violence, regular use of performance enhancing drugs, militarism, imperial aggression, and worst of all, written by 2 Frenchmen...

Burn 'em all!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
It just shows that it is these people, who are the narrow minded bigots, who cannot take something for the context it is written in. Fcuk off and cry into your skinny mocha locha latte, or whatever you drink you pompous little fcuk-face
Tintin in Congo has been banned in Europe for ages, maybe even over 20 years. I...er, a friend was a really into Tintin as a child and learnt to read with those books. Having said that, TiC, is a shit story but it doesn't need to be banned. Maybe just discontinued like some other Tintin books that have been discontinued, such as Tintin in Russia and other titles! Seriously!
We sail gently towards Farenheight 451 a book about 'Firemen' who burn down houses if they are found to contain books on the theory that in any book there will be something that uosets someone so all books should be destroyed. It was by Ray Bradbury, I think< and must be more than 40 years old. Strangely prophetic though. Individuals attempt to escape the regime and learn complete books which they can recite to save the literature. Really very well written and so apt for today.

That lawyer just wants to get some publicity.

There are a large number on the Dark Continent who have what we would regard as pretty wierd beliefs. I met one lot whose chief kept the head of his predecessor in a box so that he could be reminded of his mortality and so that he could look to his predecessor for advice. To them Monothiesm is pretty wierd. A dog king would not be out of place.

I really love Africa and all its wonders but some would call me a neo colonialist. I believe it needs to either be re-colonised and controlled from outside by those paid enough to be incorruptable or its borders should be abolished and we should let the locals decide how to operate without our interference in the inevitable wars and massacres. Be a bit difficult for us to stomache though as there would be a huge number of massacres whilst they sorted themselves out over the next couple of centuries.

Otherwise I cannot see a solution for the continent. we did an unofficial exit poll oduring the 2002 elections in SL and about 98% said that they would like the British ' Our Colonial Masters' back as soon as possible as all was good and there was no war and the train ran and the kids were educated in the best university in Africa.
WRT Asterix, you are right, there was much stereo typing in it.

Stereotypes and allusions
Wherever they visit, Asterix and Obelix encounter people and things borrowed and caricatured from 20th century real life. In the early album Asterix and the Goths for instance, the Goths (early Germans) are represented as militaristic and regimented, reminiscent of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Germans. The helmets worn by these Goths even resemble the German Pickelhaube helmets worn up to World War I and one of their leaders bears an uncanny resemblance to Otto von Bismarck. The British are shown as polite and phlegmatic, drinking warm beer or hot water with a drop of milk (before the first tea was brought by Asterix to what would later become England); they boil all their food and serve it with mint sauce, and they drive their chariots on the wrong side of the road. Spain is the cheap country down south where people from the North go on vacation and the locals are proud and hot-blooded. Portuguese people are always depicted as short and plump - Uderzo once said that every Portuguese immigrant he knew was like that. All the tribes represented are treated humorously as prototypes for their modern counterparts, and many aspects of them are satirized. However, the French are not exempt from satire, and almost all of the peoples Asterix meets are portrayed positively, even the Romans. The only tribe depicted completely unflatteringly is the Goths, possibly a result of the Second World War. In later books, such as Asterix the Legionary and Asterix and Obelix All at Sea, the Goths were depicted much more sympathetically; possibly because the Asterix series became very popular in Germany.

Some caricatures of the traits of certain French regions are also used: people from Normandy smother their food in cream and cannot give a straight answer; people from Marseille play boules and exaggerate matters, and Corsicans don't like to do any work, are easily angered and have generations-long-standing vendettas that they settle violently, and make cheese that smells so bad that it actually becomes an explosive.
I grew up with Tintin books, much like Wench; however I am today’s generation. They got me into reading with exciting stories where Tintin filled in everyone with his trademarked left-hook. Tintin stories were set in a time where everyone was much less PC so why are they trying to pretend that it didn't happen. They are hypocrites and idiots and I hope they meet MDN down a dark alley.

I am disgusted that people are even trying to ban these.

Has anyone seen that "Domeio Day" pasta sauce advert? How is that any less racist than...well anything else. Farking hypocrites, trying to ban a good part of my childhood.


A spokesman said: 'This book contains imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice, where the "savage natives" look like monkeys and talk like imbeciles.'

I'm going to use this and sue Mel Gibson for his acting skills in Brave Heart!

I think I order a copy of Tin Tin in the Congo of Amazon!

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