Will tinnitus stop me from joining the military. I have no hearing loss and I can only hear it in a very quite room. Sorry if this isn’t the right place to put the sort of question here I am still getting the hang of this.
I suppose having tinnitus before you join the army makes a change from getting it after you join the army.

Firing two inch mortars without ear defenders gave me mine But I don’t know the answer to your question.

There is a thread for asking about medical things. Have a search for it and ask there and you may get a speedier reply.

Edit: I think this is it.


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Depends, I got it in my late 20's and all fine now.
If it's on your medical records, if its not who cares?

If every soldier joining the army admitted to all the things they have wrong with them now or in the past that is not on their medical records the MO would have a long queue of sick soldiers to give meds to & give a chit to excusing them of various tasking's!

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