Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by oldmanron, Feb 19, 2006.

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  1. MY O MY! This is my very first post :D I found arrse whiilst i was looking for something on the net. I hope some kind ex-squaddie can assist me in the search for the holy grail of foods-compo tinned sausages. I've been without them now for about a 100 years and have resorted to eating the human finger type sausages that you get in civvie butchers-you know the ones full of all the parts that sweeny todd had leftover after the good meat went into pies. hope sombody can help me find a source before i fade away into the deep despairing world of tescos own brand Weasel and Rat with pickled dandylion flavoured offerings.
  2. I lived off compo all through Telic 1 and I have to say that they would have been enhanced by the inclusion of the old compo sausage. Back in BAOR the only reason that we used to love being fed on 4/10 man ration packs was the tins of sausages.

    I've not seen them for years either. So we have to put two calls.

    1. Serving soldiers. When was the last time you were issued compo that included compo tinned sausages? Not when you last found a tin at the bottom of a 'gash box' or back of the store and tucked in, but issued all official like.

    2. Ration Storemen everywhere. Have you still got 4/10 man ration packs with tinned compo sausages? Why don't we ever see any? Where are they hiding and are they only officers mess issue?

    My mouth is watering at the thought of the flakey dry darlings.
  3. glad to see that im not the only man in the world with epicure tastebuds :lol: -my missus says they taste like shite and cant understand why i want them again!!
  4. Thinly sliced, added to a tin of curried chicken, a pinch of curry powder.

    Stir in to a slurry with half a tin of rich fruit pudding and wait for it to bubble. Add water to thin it out.... then as it begins to simmer properly, one, just one mind you, one white sweet from the the sweetie tin... perfect!

    Serve with a mess tin of tea from a giant compo teabag. Apfelkorn should be served as an aperitif. Ideally this dish should be presented against a backdrop of pine trees with a hint of diesel in the air. I would suggest the Koteberg.

    Call your guests and get tore in before the bastards nick the lot with their racing spoons :)

    Ahhh memories.
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  5. I loved them, back in the days........... (cue long, faraway stare as memories roll in)

    The boil in the bag stuff is OK in taste, and easy to cook, but you can't beat the compo sausage, fried in a mess tin, wrapped in a slice of fresh bread.

    I WANT SOME SAUSAGE - AND I WANT IT NOW (umm, should I rephrase that?)
  6. And what an excellent... not to mention mouth watering first post it is oldmanron :wink:

    Welcome to ARRSE

  7. NAAFI, York Barracks, Münster in 1997 were selling them (even with labels on) for a wopping DM7.00

    Kin rip off but well worth it.
  8. And what about the old trick of removing the middle sausage and giving the tin a spot of 'field loving'?
  9. Hmmm a culinary delight I had almost forgotten.
  10. fried in a manky mess tin with cheese posessed and five rounds of that rock hard bread that only an ethiopean would eat-sandbags up and light swinging in the dark ages of exercise snowqueen in the 70's
  11. Last issue?
    Mid /late 80's then it was downhill into boil in the bag land

    4/10 packs with tinned salmon.
    Bars of hard dark choclate.

    Oh and soggy spangles
  12. Straight from the tin, I always thought that cooking them spoilt the taist.
  13. and I always thought that thick white goo was fat....

    another nostagia thread.. are we all getting too old to live in the present day?

    hmmm, compo sausages (eyes glaze over and gets that 914.4 metre stare, sorry I've been forced to go metric)
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  15. (puts on rose tinted specs)

    back in my day all this was empty hard drive space...