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‘kinell mate - please don’t feel you need to put up any pics of that one! ‘Get well soon’ doesn’t really work here, but I’m pleased to hear you’re still with us and keeping your humour up.

Good luck to you and keep talking to us - there’s lots of us old buggers who are keeping an eye on this thread and wishing you well..
Pics would have been no good, there'd have been blood all over the lens.

Cheers for the kindly thoughts.
Some of us are fkn lucky. In our local area - within two miles - there's been quite a few of cases of the big C and several of the prostate kind. Whether we get loads of exercise and a decent diet or not, it's often sheer chance.

Good luck to those who are ill on here and I certainly wish them well.

NAAFI Bar, tits bollocks and clunge etc.
Mornin' All,

Haematologists's consult yesterday, so I've now officially had a symptomatic oligosecretory relapse. Oligosecretory means that the malignant plasma cells are producing such small amounts of paraprotein, that's it's not measurable. Hence my bloods are the best they've been for years but I'm riddled with new lesions. Myeloma evolves over the course of the disease, with the most drug resistant strains of cells being responsible for the relapses and the disease becoming more resistant over time.

I've had 21-24 months of complete remission, which corresponds to the mean over a large group of sufferers. Goodly greatly considering I didn't have a stem cell transplant. I restart chemo next Wednesday. Between 6 and 9 5-weekly cycles of a different regimen than I initially had. It's yet to be seen how good my response will be and whether I attain further remission or for how long. Any remission though, is likely to be for a shorter time.

Brainfuckery has ensured that I'm as unconcerned about the relapse as I've been about having cancer. Diet's still shit - chicken soup, Frazzles and chocolate, with occasional rice pudding or semolina. And biscuits. Maintaining weight with Ensure drinks.

The banjo piece is almost there. I really need another couple of weeks rehearsal but restarting chemo means that soon I'll probably be unable to play it at all. The banjo's already too heavy for me. So I'll probably record it this coming weekend and put it online during next week. Who knows though, I might find the tune breaking through over the next couple of days.

I've found that when learning a piece, there's a time when you just repeat all the notes/chords in the right order and suddenly, one time, the tune will actually break through and you've suddenly mastered it, automatically getting all the nuances right. Not sure that's a good explanation but I think other musicians might understand it.

I've noticed another thread about getting our prostates checked where various posters have noted their ailments. I haven't read the thread yet so haven't commented but I want to wish everybody continued ent dedness and easily tolerated treatments. Cures where possible. And of course, continued goodly greatlies to All.

Here endeth this missive.
The banjo piece.

Started chemo on Wednesday, so yesterday I thought I'd better get a recording done. Don't know if the chemo's kicked in straight away or if it was just a bad day banjo-wise but all efforts were fuckinatrocious and were immediately binned.

Will try again today. Maybe I'll do a daily post on it to show the vast difference when fingers work or don't.

It's a piece that played fast in order to come across at a mellow sort of speed.

I might as well let people know what I'm attempting so here it is played properly on a guitar-

Recuerdos de la Alhambra
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