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Right then, It seems I'm the lucky recipient of multiple myeloma. Cancer of the bone marrow. Confirmed on Monday and started chemo today. 21 day cycle, then week off. Probably for 6 cycles. I think it will be a good few day/weeks before I find out what it's effects will be, especially when I've been in shit state for some time.

Posted here so people can express themselves freely while a few may have questions or advice.

Two members have been kind enough already with offers of help, which is truly appreciated.
Ewe can't pull the wool over our eyes Taff
You heartless, inconsiderate bastard! I bet you don't even buy poppies.
silk? Mines woven from unicorn pubes.
Which begs the question...wtf are McDonalds doing selling metal display poppies.
Light duties only for you in the meantime then. Good luck and be sure to keep on posting.


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Poor cunt.

Wishing you well, got that tenner you owe me etc etc.

I have some of those anti DVT stockings, a nearly new piss catheter and an eyepatch going cheap
If you're interested.

I'll do you a good price.

Edited to add: sorry the catheter is gone. @jarrod248 wanted it for some reason.
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