Tingo: Lapses in English

Seems there are some laspes in the Queen's English "as she is spoke.."

some things just don't have ' name ' in the Oxford Lexicon or Unabridged Dictionary..

There is no English equivalent for:

katahara itai [ Japanese ] : laughing so hard that one side of your stomach hurts.

gigi rongak [ Malaysian ] : the gap between your front teeth

this is an important one:

bakku-shan [ Japanese ] : a woman who appears pretty from behind but is a right f**k from the front

kummerspeck [ German ] the excess weight gained from emotional binge eating

and another one from zee Chermans:

drachenfutter [ had to fall back on this once or twice ]: the peace offering made by guilty husbands to their wives/sweeties

and, oh those Russians, they think of everything!

koshatnik: a dealer in stolen cats

and we all know one or two of these types, I'm sure [or heard of them at least ]:

aviador [ Spanish ] : a government employee who only shows up on payday


Book Reviewer
As noted elsewhere - UK equivelent of Bakku-Shan is a Kronenbourg.

Looks 16 from behind, 64 from the front.

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