Tinfoil wallet time.

I don't see the point of contactless payment technology. Are we now so lazy that we can't be bothered to insert a card into a machine and type in a 4 digit confirmatory code? Seems so.
I wasn't happy when my cards were changed to types with contactless technology over a year ago. The old cards still had plenty of time left on them. From what I've seen around the South on my travels it doesn't seem to be catching on.

My local Saturday night curry provider only allows both chip & pin or contactless on transactiosn higher than £10 to offset what he's charged for the luxury of not taking cash.

My provider informed my the max. transaction total allowed was £15 (or 5 transactions which don't hit the toal) before you then had to use chip and pin again to verify the card. To me that's just cash. Perhaps a bit behind the times but I don't use cards for such low amounts - it's how you lose track of spending and end up regretting it all later.

I saw on eof the adverts once, some twit sliding around and zooming through a local supermarket adn buying a banana with it - wow, I really need to use my debit card to do that... not.

The hassle to get the contactless system disabled makes commtting armed robbery at a bank seem like peanuts.
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