Tinfoil hat alert: suspicious UK scientist deaths since 2001

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stoatman, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. From here:http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/january2005/270105deadscientists.htm, extracting the UK-connected scientists:

    Suspicious? Or should I be putting the bacofoil away?
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I couldn't answer your poll without the time, effort and resources to look into it. I'm currently doing a Bioscience degree 8O If I mysteriously die take that as yes will you mate???

  3. Quick question: How many UK conected scientists didn't die in the same Time peroiod?
  4. Given the strange activities and the inquiry into Dr Kelly........

    I'd say his death at least was a little strange!!!!
  5. There was a similar conspiracy theory surrounding the deaths of a number of asain-origin UK defence scientists/engineers who'd worked on UKADGE during the 1980's, IIRC.

  6. It has to be said there were some creative examples of 'suicide' in that group.
    One of the Asian-origin blokes apparently tied a rope to a tree, passed the rope through his car window. tied a noose around his neck, then drove off until, inevitably, halted.
    And they weren't all of Asian origin. One of those that died was a retired Col or Brigadier who worked for Marconi. He apparently committed suicide by wrapping copper wire around his teeth then plugging himself into the mains.
    Also linked to this series was Jonathan Moyle, IIRC ex AAC, then editor of a defence helicopter magazine. He apparently "committed suicide" while attending a defence exhibition in Chile, by hanging himself in a wardrobe that was shorter than he was, having taken the precaution of using the hotel room towels as a sort of nappy. A colleague of mine at the time was in the next room at the hotel when it happened and was quite categoric that the wardrobes were short.
    The series of 'mysterious' deaths was recounted in a book written, IIRC, by a bloke who worked on an electronics magazine at the time. Haven't got the title in front of me, but I'll try and find the book.
  7. I've seen the scientist one before... And actually the one concerning the defence contractors too (was it mentioned in one of "Suvarov's" books?).

    They are odd at first glance, but then I suppose these anomalies can happen.
  8. Yeah, I heard this theory back in the early '90's. Remember a report of one scientist who allegedly super-glued his own face into a bath, turned on the water and drowned.
    The question is not are there people who are willing and able to murder a group of scientists and make it look like accidents/suicides. We all know there are units who specialiize in that kind of Op., for example the Increment.
    The real question should be Cui Bono - who profits? Who would have anything to gain from the deaths of these men?
  9. Christ! Assassins can't even create believable death-stories any more.

    Assassin: "Mr so-and-so died."
    Boss: "How did he die?"
    Assassin: "He...er...superglued his face to the bath and turned on the tap, sir!"
    Boss: "That's what you did?"
    Assassin: "Yeah, well I wanted to make it look like a suicide!"
    Boss: "..." *smacks head on desk*
  10. It's been scientifically proved.... tin foil doesn't protect you from any waves. It's just a dismissed theory. So we are all f***ed
  11. Hmm...this is clearly a Trilateral Commission/MKULTRA black propaganda operation to distract attention from the REAL question. All the possibly defence-related scientists in the UK - a group dominated by men and hence statistically more likely to top themselves, and only one suicide a year. What makes them so happy and well-adjusted? I think we should be told!

    Yes, like every other fatal air accident in the UK...
  12. Its the agents of the lizards softening us up for eventual take over
    obvious really :) .
  13. I thought it was the Freemasons.
  14. This bloody tinfoil isn't thick enough. I can feel the waves coming in from Neptune's moons. Does anyone have the name of a good supplier for the heavy-duty gear?
  15. All those bogeymen units are great aren't they. The troop p1ss-ups are awesome..."eh Taff, I'd avoid that almond-smelling pint if I were you mate". When you ring the bell in the bar you get a quick insulin fix to the neck (a la Feathermen). They need to have a walk-in wardrobe just to house all their passport in the name of Ahmed McDonald, Sergei Jones etc etc. I reckon the SAS are fictional as well....perhaps all the governent denials were actually elaborate double-bluffs!