Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TurboThreaders, Aug 3, 2006.

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  2. It's just a short way of writing tincture of benzine. Believe it or not it's also in a preparation for sore nipples! It seems it's a good solution for sore or blistered skin.
  3. Thought that had been banned by HM Forces?
  4. Yeah mate its banned for being carcinogenic. Used to inject into blisters, absolutely magic stuff. I've never known anyone who doesn't scream!
  5. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I'll second that :wink: I couldn't beleive all those ruffty tufftys werent putting it on till I decided to do my own one day - BIG BIG mistake having a big pointy needle millimeters from soft tissue while you scream the house down.

    We had giant bottles of it and it was used to stop bleeding, cure blisters (by drawing the moisture out of the skin causing it to harden sooner) and also as a decongestant when added to hot water.

    they still use it in hospitals for sticking stubborn steristrips to cut up faces.

    you could fill your blisters with surgical spirit but I wouldn't recomend it. best way is learn to avoid blisters and toughen your feet, tape em up or the US marine recon guys wear ladies nylon socks/tights under their normal ones to help cut the friction down.

    I've still got a little bottle somewhere. :D
  6. Christ yes!! I did Nijmegan twice.I've never spent as long in pain and tears in my life. Great stuff, but possibly the most painful cure ever.
  7. I second that. Think open blister, plus boiling water from kettle, and you get about halfway to the pain level...

    Scream? Oh yes I did.
  8. Used it after Langmanhoff(Hohne) march, once I was unpeeled from the ceiling I could walk.
  9. as I recall it was called Mister Barsteward.
  10. It is still used (See www. BNF.org).
    It is an Aromatic Inhalation, used to be called Friars Balsam, Tincture of Benzoin Compound.

    How us Army types began putting it on blisters in the first place, I'll never know, on transfering to the Medics in the mid 70's, I was seconded to the then Para Depot Med Cen, where it was all the rage in the treatment of blisters. I never questioned (maybe I should have) why it was used, used to treat up to 20 pers a day, and most of them only needed one treatment, it got them through P coy, must have scarred them for life.
    I'm sure there are ex paras on here could tell you more about the pain though.
    I doubt if it's carciogenic as it would not be in the above mentioned literiture.