Tin foil hats on chaps

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eodmatt, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Cause for effect?

    I looked at this and thought: am I being cynical in thinking of this is a precursor to delaying the general election? I mean what with the buggered economy and a serious terrorist threat, the country needs continuity, a steady hand on the tiller, blah etc. :crazy:
  2. If your current government has been watching the approach of our current Masters, that would be just the thing. "Emergency"= Opportunity to hold/increase power.

    As White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has said:

    "Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before."
  3. Yep and Bruin has already set the scene for it.

    And as an aside, I expect that due to the raised "threat level" I will now be fu cked about and questioned even more intensively by security blokes when I pass through LHR because my luggage contains a BOMB locator and a MINE detector, whilst men with hairy wrists and moustaches pass through security freely wearing Burkhas.

  4. Oh my--I didn't realize they would be screening for such gear--I carry the same wherever I go and assumed everyone else did as well! Silly me. :D

  5. Sarcastic tw at :p So you carry hairy wrists and a Burkha? The point is that the security bods could screen me and people like me very easily and simply (I wont say how on here), but they prefer to waste my time and theirs with pointless lengthy questioning and investigations, just because they can on the basis of my freight being correctly marked - I suppose if the boxes had Teddy Bears or something stencilled on them they wouldnt bother checking?. Not long ago some daft security twat took my mine detector off the luggage conveyor before I got there and took it into the security office because it "might be a bomb, because it says mine on the tin". On another occasion some security bloke at LHR told me that I was not allowed check the bomb locator in as baggage because its says "Ebinger Magnetometer Bomb Locator" on the box and "You are not allowed to take MAGNETS on an aircraft"!
  6. They're a scam, apparently. You should have bought a car instead!

  7. It continues to amaze me at how our TSA seems blind to the obvious and instead wastes limited resources on body cavity searching elderly women in wheel chairs while 100 "likely suspects" stroll by. Of course "profiling" is un-PC.
  8. Sound advice, but I dont use sniffex, though I wouldnt mind a slice of the money they've gouged.
  9. Oh dear oh dear! They really do think the public have the collective memory of a Goldfish dont they!

    You will remember that the terrorist threat was raised at exactly the same time last year!

    It's Party Coference season! It is the run-up to the General election! It is section 44 Terrorism Act and designated areas! It is Walter Wolfgang! It is the stop and search season for anyone foolish enough to be an unwanted journalist, placard carrying demonstrator or anyone else a political party does not particularly like in and around the vicinity of party conferences and other venues up and down the country in the run-up to the next election - all under the guise of a heightened security alert!

    As an aside, has anyone else noticed over the past few days the release of 'official' figures showing a fall in unemployment, closely followed by the release of figures showing a drop in crime and all of a sudden that the economy is 'picking up'

    You will get other 'good news over the next few weeks showing how wonderful government policy has been!

    It's Joseph Goebels writ-large!

    There is NO terrorist threat to the public! It is simply the Number 10 Spin machine being cranked up for yet another boring round of public-opinion manipulation.

    Believe sod-all you hear in the media. All information released by Government is for a reason and the reason is generally self-serving!
  10. It seems our "special relationship" includes sharing of such tactics.
  11. Not to dampen the enthusiasm of the conspiricy theories but if UK does things in any way like the US there may be a more prosaic reason. Here in the US when threat levels are raised it usually means that it is a way to free up additional funds to pay for police overtime. Sometime ago where I live in the US, when the threat level was raised it meant additional funds for police to guard bridges and tunnels, patrol subway and train stations, etc. The cops and firefighters are happy for overtime at time and a half rate and the politicians are happy as the money does not come out of state and local taxes but from our kindly Uncle Sam. The senior police and fire people are happy as more of their people are seen out there protecting the public and the budget stays intact.

    The only down side of this to my mind is that I am management and therefore cannot get overtime pay just compensatory time off that I am always to busy to take before it expires.
  12. And where do you think they learned that trick?

    Severe threat level indeed... best put the kettle on.
  13. I know! This is the wonder and the beauty of a true symbiotic relationship! Much like a lamprey eel on a shark or the apes in the zoo picking fleas off each other for a protein fix.
  14. I still prefer the Bikini Alert State system.
  15. Who the f*ck know!! Being the eternal skeptic about the dealings of Neues Arbeits, and Paw Gollums McRuin, one wonders why they do things at times. Maybe McCyclops is having second thoughts about the Chilcot Inquiry. So if he can bring about an 'National Emergency' of some description to delay, postpone or cancel the Gen Election for 12 months, because he might be thinking about 'bottling' Chilcot - then nothing would surprise me.

    Of course all this is just alleged. Paw Broone is not stupid, and the'Reality Liarbore' will trundle on until the date the election is announced. Probably in May.

    As for this heightened terrorism threat. It may be the case that intercepted 'electronic chatter' from Sammy Bin Liner's own and the Talibandies, may have given our and the Septics Security Services cause for thought. So it is better to be safe than sorry.

    But why Gordo El Swampo has to hold another International Knees Up in Londonstan again, gawd knows. Unless he still fancies himself as an Elder Statesman of Worldwide stature...... if only the auld bugger knew just how much he, B'Liar, Lord Meddlesome and Friends are distrusted by the UK Public, then he might 'wise up' a bit....

    But no.... he has his Political Head jammned so far up his Politcal Jacksy... it's hardly wonder the Sun of Reality don't shine in his life...... Life for Paw Broone will be enourmously dull once he has retired from politics.... no more Gurning competitions accross the Despatch Box at Dave Cameroony at PMQs.... surely he will have a breakdown and be gurneyd off to a Funny Farm..... hopefully... :p