Tin Foil Hats Annoy Me...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spent_case, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. Yes we did. Top job chaps

  2. No we didn't. It was all filmed on the Easters set

  1. Mankind landed on the Moon Forty years ago today... Top job by the SPAMS

    I am close to poking a ciggy in Mrs SC's eye because she has read some old bollox that we never went to the Moon and is being argumentative.

    Yes we facking did..
  2. Is that the "Royal We"? If not, you must be either Mr Armstrong, Mr Collins or Mr Aldrin. :)

  3. Oh, sure we went to the moon! Why then do you think NASA got all that info about extraterrestrials from the Apollo 20 missions, if we didn't actually get there in the first place!

    Sheesh! Some folks have their tinfoil hats on too tight!
  4. Cods, I saw it on TV, that bloke built a rocket in his cellar and went to the moon with his dog. There was a cooker bashy thing up there and it's made of cheese.
  5. It is much the same as 'We won the War you German slags'
  6. Must be very late, the loons will be out soon. I do not get pissed off very often ( as this is just the int'net and all) but will all the conpisracy ( yes I think I am still a bit pissed to worry about spelling) bottom touchers just fu*ck off and die!! You are all small co cks and think that shouting out about a veriflable fact will somehow improve your standing in life. They got there! Get over it.
  7. Spent case that was class, Aldrin top drills.
  8. That gobby tw@t accused Aldrin of being a Coward. Fack me. Not only did he walk on the Moon, he killed a couple of Migs in Korea..

    It's always satisfying watching an old Vet put some chavvy throbber on his arrse and that is a class punch!!
  9. If you don't believe that man went to the moon, then you are an idiot.
  10. If the U.S. didn't get to the moon I'm sure Russia would have been the first to point it out.
  11. Thats what you would like us to believe anyway.
  12. Dip your Tin Foil Hat into hot water then cold water for ten minutes. It will fit better then and look ally..
  13. No way, that would give out a radio signal and the men in black will come and get me.
  14. One of the things that the astronauts did whilst on the moon was to emplace laser reflectors which were used to very accurately calculate not only the moons distance from earth, but its rate of drift away from its parent planet - among other things. And oddly enough I met a bloke in the pub tonight who told me the moon landings were b ollocks because "you need moisture in the ground to leave footprints and there is no moisture on the moon so... yadda yadda". I pointed out that four years ago I worked in the Oman desert, where there is also f uck all moisture and that my vehicle tracks and foot prints are still there.