Tin Foil Hat On- Biological Warfare?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. Turkeys infected with Bird Flu, Soldiers with D&V in Pirbright and London. Foot and Mouth a few years back, Flu pandemics predicted....

    Are we under attack with Biological Agents

    Tin Foil Hat off.

  2. Yes but its God not the Islamofash.......God has quite frankly had enough and he's going to do everyone.
  3. Mother Nature has the right hump.
  4. Y'know, if someone was going to wage biological warfare with bird 'flu, you'd think they'd do a better job of weaponising it...

    You can probably leave the tinfoil hat on the shelf, I'd think. Couple of spare resi canisters might not be a bad idea though ;)
  5. My twist on this for what its worth (bugger all) is the media were getting too close to the glorious leader and his bag of honours for sale, bang smoke, head for cover, lets invent an outbreak of bird flu to take the heat off.

    How did the flu get there??????
    Its all contained and cleared before anyone can indipendantly verify it?????
    Its all over the media at record speed in great detail!!!!!!!!!

    tinfoil hat anyone
  6. A "k" or a "P" for bernard mathews then?????
  7. bird flue might improve the flavour of bm turkey burgers
  8. so next xmas its just pork then,,
  9. oh no sorry that will have been banned by muslims by then...
  10. Pupgreen,
    just what have you got against muslim turkeys.
  11. nothing do they taste better than bernards
  12. we are already banned from eatting beef in our house due to bse and the fact that old cows look like the mother in law...lambs off due to chernoble
    ,ducks have gone south for the winter....porks off as it may upset muslims, whale meats off as her in doors is in to saving whales and dolphins,,,,im running out of options....tofus off as my dad dont like the japanise..
  13. not on to dampen any conspiracy theories but it's obviously Jamie Oliver resorting to dirty tricks to get the dreaded turkey twizzler off the school menu.
  14. you mean to say that bernards actually taste of something???????

  15. *mybold
    new keyboard please :rofl: