Timings for BPFA at CIC

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cussler, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Here's a question for you:

    How long do you get for the BPFA at CIC in Catterick I'm hearing 10:30 and also 13:45? Also how hilly is the run

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Read the TA Forum FAQ.

  3. I'm none the wiser, the time you had on my Phase 1 was 13:45

    Also the FAq's don't mention CIC at Catterick, or I couldn't find them at least
  4. Bearing in mind that I'm a REMF, I would have been RTU'd for anything slower than ten minutes. I can't see CIC allowing anything like 13 odd minutes.

    Have a look at the TA Fitness Wiki Page (MSR was probably refering to the link in the FAQs) or the new MATTs.
  5. i have my instruction for catterick infront of me

    cft must pas 4 mile in no less than 57 min no more than 60 min
    BFT(not bpfa) must pass 1.5 mile as a section 1.5 mile best effort individual in less than 13:45 if you fail your cft you are issued a defered pass and you must complete again back at your unit
    if you fail BFT you ar RTU'd
  6. Thanks for that Stevie, what do you mean the by a section and a 1.5 mile best effort, do you run it twice, once as a section once individually or just once as a section requiring a time of 13:45?
  7. folowing new matts format introduced in april you do two 1.5 miles one as a section and one individual best effort to be completed in less the 13:45 sec but if you are infantry which i assume you are as your going to catterick you supposed to do it in less than 10:30

    now knowen as a BFT which means you must pass it as it is a test no longer an assesment

  8. I presume you’re talking about the BPFA on your TAF2???

    The pass time on the 1.5 mile run is 10min 30sec, anything less than this is a fail.
    However they wont RTU you if you manage to do the run in 13min 45sec or less, 13:45 is still a fail though so don’t be fooled.
  9. no refering to bft at catterick it is no longer a bpfa since matts introduction

    which u will be rtu'd for failing
  10. In fact it is the PFT - personal fitness test. but it is true that you can once again fail.
  11. Hang on. Has the wheel been re-invented once again?

    Have they now done away with the BPFA and brought back the good old BFT?

    Hopefully it will be done in boots and trousers lightweight? Oh and second half in under 10 mins of course.
  12. correct it has indeed been reintroduced as i was corrected under the new name PFT 1.5 mile as a section in boots and 1.5 in pt kit best effort 13:45 or less 10:30 for infantry

  13. msr

    msr LE


    I tried telling you privately, tried telling you politely in public, others have told you.

    Stop spouting drivel on this forum.

    There is one reference for Fitness. it is contained in the MATT here

    And I wouldn't trust the advice of anyone who, by their own admission, cannot even pass one...

  14. MSR:

    Why don't you just add a link to all the MATTs, as a sticky, on the TA Forum Page?
  15. msr

    msr LE

    It's in the TA Forum FAQs page.

    Questions which can be answered by reading the FAQs may well just get deleted in future.