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(There was a previous thread on this subject, but it seems to have “died” on 18JAN2013.
http://www.arrse.co.uk/current-affairs-news-analysis/193152-eu-referendum-3.html ).

The Westminster Government does seem to be allowing itself to be manoeuvred into “a corner”. “Bounced” into a position from which it has to announce, confirm, commit itself, sooner rather than later, to a referendum - throughout the whole of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - on the continuing membership of the UK within the EU.

A significant factor that has (so far), not been mentioned - and, which can and should be stipulated, articulated, by the Government - is the already confirmed referendum throughout Scotland, concerning Scotland’s continuing membership within the UK. That referendum is to be held on Thursday 18 September 2014.

It is suggested that it would only be logical, rational, for the Westminster Government, to at least confirm now, that they can make NO ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the referendum on the continuing membership of the UK within the EU - throughout whatever might then constitute the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - until AFTER the result is known from the referendum in Scotland.

Any “subsidiary” component (Scotland) must first be allowed to commit itself to membership of the “whole”, and thereby commit itself to the future decisions that it (Scotland) might subsequently make and contribute as a component part of that “whole”. To do otherwise would invalidate the process.

If first a referendum were held on membership of the EU, it is suggested that - whatever the result - that whole process and its resultant decision would be irrelevant and non-binding on the component parts of the UK, if subsequently Scotland voted to leave the UK!! It could then be argued that the then separate component parts should be allowed to hold their own individual referendum on their own individual, separate membership of the EU.

If the EU referendum were to be held first, it could rightly be argued that the influence, decision, of one - any - component part of the UK (which then subsequently decided to leave the UK), could unnecessarily and wrongly, be held to be binding of the other parts of the UK that might have voted for a different result.

To summarise, Scotland and the rest of the UK must first establish and confirm the nature of their continuing relationship (if any), before they jointly (or separately) vote on their continuing relationship with the EU.

Similarly, by extension of the above argument, the Shetland Islanders must first be allowed to express their own wishes on their continuing relationship with, and their continuing allegiance to, the Holyrood Government, before the referendum on Thursday 18 September 2014, concerning the continued relationship of Scotland to the Westminster Government.

" It is only logical ".
So, 65 million or so people need to wait for 18 months to see if 5 million people want to remain in the UK? As well as that, decisions on the UK/EU relationship will be put on the back burner? Or are we allowed to make up our own minds WHEN THE TIME COMES for either Scottish "independence" or continued EU membership?

I also find it somewhat strange that the Westminster Govt have "allowed themselves to be backed into a corner" when the Scottish bunch have determined the time for their referendum when it politically best suits the pro-independence group.

In short, a load of donkey droppings.
Yep. If Scotland votes for independence the UK that signed up to Europe ceases to exist and that alone takes UK out of EU. But Westminster is ignoring that little matter of law.
So, 65 million or so people need to wait for 18 months to see if 5 million people want to remain in the UK? . . . . .

" It is only logical ". :)
It would appear that salmond us trying to jump on tha band wagon and claim that only a vote for separation will keep us in the EU.


The man seems to have forgotten that Cameron wants us to stay in the EU. Yet salmond himself doesn't see a referendum on Europe as desirable himself.
It is only fair that 65 million people should have a vote on whether Scotland remains part of the UK or not.
With any luck Mr Salmon will have shot himself in the foot & they'll be plenty wishing to give him a one way ticket to the EU......

Where he can stay with no hope of returning...

As for this so called mickey mouse EU referendum business, it's all PR rocking horse do do as it's not set in stone.

I long await the horse whipping Mr Cameron deserves comes 2014 when the EU & further local elections give him the Migraine from hell & one he won't forget in a hurry.

By that time he'll realise his time has come.
Unfortunately the result of Mr Cameron coming unstuck is likely to be a Labour government with Goofy and Blinky Balls fronting for their hard left union paymasters. Perhaps worse, a Labour - Liberal coalition, which will lead to constitutional reform (proportional representation) which will ensure that whatever happens the Lib Dems will always A) provide the Deputy Prime Minister and 30% of the Cabinet and B) we will remain in thrall to an unelected European Federal State.
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