Timewatch: Bloody Omaha - BBC2, 06 Jan, 21:00

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No.9, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Like most docus of D-Day, this claims to have ‘new’ information? You can listen to/download an MP3 podcast of a discussion about the programme, and/or read a transcript at http://www.open2.net/timewatch/2008/bloodyomaha_extras.html

    Though they say they’re ‘disclosing’ the American casualty figures of the time were expressed around 50% below actual, and, 500 Rangers designated as Pointe du Hoc reinforcements were diverted to the beach where they effected a break through, IMHO, the best prospect seems to relate to a recently unearthed German battery? Well, I don’t suppose the unearthed battery has anything to do with the Time Team effort, and re the other points, don’t we already know those?

    As Programme Consultant, Simon Trew RMA Sandhurst, points out; “Omaha Beach is a big place. It’s 7,000 metres long [4.35 miles in old money] and the idea that events on Omaha hinge upon the arrival of 500 or thereabouts Rangers at a particular time or place would be an exaggeration.

    So what we’ve got in this programme is not the complete story of Omaha Beach. It pretty much ignores, as it has to, the events at the eastern half of Omaha Beach, where very few of 29th Division soldiers go ashore and no Rangers go ashore, and yet things are unlocked there in terms of breaking through the German defences and so forth.”

    Personally, the most interesting docu on Omaha so far has been the one dealing with what happened to all the Sherman DD tanks for that sector.

    Perhaps, as Timewatch are a British company, producing for the BBC, which is paid for by the British viewing public, next time we might have, say, the story of how 1 Cdo Bde landed at Sword, knocked out Quistreham strongpoints, and fought their way over 4 miles cross-country to link-up with our Airborne at Pegasus – and arrived only a few minutes late.

    Oh yes, good news for the ‘toys for boys’ fraternity, the programme is presented by Richard Hammond. :pale: Again a personal opinion, but I actually like to hear serious military history from someone who knows what they’re talking about, like Simon Trew – or if you must have a public media figure, Charles Wheeler. What, he won’t come out any more? Did you asked him, he’s only 84? OK, Fidler-Simpson then, he’s only 63. :wink:

  2. Or Richard Holmes? What's he doing nowadays?
  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with Richard Holmes, first class. Just think with these type of docus he's become more associated with WWI. Then again, someone who is excellent in military narration, has stacks of stage and camera experience, but has yet to combine the two in presentation is Robert Powell. :wink:

    Re Richard Holmes, other than his work at Cranfield Uni., I haven't read of any film/TV projects but I hope there are some.


    [edited after brain engaged :roll: ]
  4. Couldn't possibly happen. What would our European neighbours think if we were to show that we were once capable of popping across the English Channel and showing them how it's done?

    And, as you say, they produce for the BBC, who seem to want to concentrate on products for the under-fives, (both mentally and physically).
  5. I agree. As long as he gets his FECKIN HAIR CUT !!!!!!!!
  6. Oh.... hang on.... do you mean the fella that played Jesus, or the one that played the Vet??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. ”What would our European neighbours think if we were to show that we were once capable of popping across the English Channel and showing them how it's done?”

    You talking military or football cloud? Ooo, (sharp intake of breath), true though init? I think the Euro respect for the forces is there well enough. In fact, the Beeb could probably sell the programme to the Froggies as both the French Troops of No.10 Cdo were attached to No.4 Cdo for the invasion and tasked with their own patch to clear along the coast on the edge of Quistreham around the casino. Course, the Septics probably wouldn’t want to cough-up much for it – after all, they wouldn’t be in it.

    Perhaps the Beeb could repackage it for them as ‘Mr Punch goes to war’, and add the strap line ”That’s the way to do it!”. :jocolor:

    You’re right the first time Dave, the bloke who play JC, and a detective with Jasper Carrott,

    and married the blond in Pans People. You must remember them? Dance routines like Baby Doll, the Schoolgirls and Johnny B Goode. :lick:
    Who’s ‘the Vet’ then? The bloke who did the Sun ads at 300 mph, or the one who married my French teacher? :?

  8. You mean Robert Powell then.
  9. I thought that bloke who played a vet in "All Creatures etc" was called Robert Powell, but he's Robert HARDY I think. Early onset forgetheimers kicking in......
  10. My bold. A small item that all too frequently gets overlooked. I forget the figures but there were quite a large number of well-motivated blokes keen to get back on home turf and sort out the lodgers.

    DavetheApe, you got there in the end. (Why do I keep getting this image in my head of Christopher Timothy with his arm up the arrse of a cow?)
  11. No, no, no.... Robert Hardy... how many times, eh??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Robert Hardy wouldn’t be a bad choice, Dave. A quality actor who's presented quite a few historical docu's, though usually medieval related. An authority on the longbow apparently.


    Bet he can drive in a straight line too. :twisted:
  13. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  14. I have no problem (at this stage) with Hammond presenting the programme.

    Clarkson has shown that if someone not usually associated with such topics has a real interest then his "name" can draw people in who otherwise wouldn't bother.

    Maybe Hammond will attract the middle-aged women who fantasise about him? Many of them probably have husbands who'd like to visit Normandy but whose wives veto the idea. You never know, it might just be what those blokes need? :wink:
  15. Fair enough, so the programme wants to attract 'day time' viewers through some pretence of 'military history'. So the intention is to get hordes of neo blue-rinsers to go and see where some Americans died? An alternate to New York city? Good stuff. Should be presented by Richard and Judy, or, turned into a musical with Westlife and Borat, and Grande Duchess Stephen Fry (for any accidental serious bits and not to exclude the Gay community. :thumright:

    Roll-over Alan Taylor