Timewatch – Tirpizt raid

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No.9, May 8, 2010.

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  1. Expecting ‘more’ from tonight’s version, but disappointed. :cry:

    The X-Craft raid and what happened to X5 has been covered several times before. If you’re not familiar with theses, this version serves. In respect of ‘revelation’ though, very little. Despite all the years of effort only a couple of pieces of X5 were found, and, the ‘biggie’ was finding one of the Amatol saddle-charges outside the anti-submarine net?

    They presume this is from X5, not one of the others? They claim it shows ‘proof’ of an attack – outside the net?

    A witness account says X5 did briefly appear and was hit by a German 4” shell. He described it as a ‘direct hit’ which sounds quite damming to me for a 50’ x 5’ small craft, apparently already in difficulty?

    To try and ‘solve’ the mystery, IMHO they needed to examine ALL the possibilities instead of just pursue a ‘they made it’ theory.

    Available to watch till the 15th


    Of course, remains an outstanding raid by all concerned :salut:

  2. That program was six years old, first shown in 2004
  3. You expect something new for VE Day from the BBC? So what's the latest finds for X5?

  4. I agree a strange selection for a VE day celebration but a saga of true heroism .
    I have the book “ Above Us The Waves “ from which the film of the same name was made in the 1950’s . One thing I picked up last night that the X Craft were built in three separate Sections / Shipyards to maintain secrecy .
    It is worthy of a mention that in the very early selection process for this general type of operation a number of Army volunteers were included as potential crew members .
  5. Couldn't agree more BR, the whole episode is quite outstanding. Not exactly 'Kamikaze' but also not offering good survival odds.

    Other X5 theories suggest she blew-up, hence no bulk wreckage. Re the saddle-charge found outside the net, IF it belonged to X5, could be an inadvertent/damage detachment, at attempt to blow a hole in the net to allow the others a chance of escape (when X5 knew she was perished), or shed after X5 took the 4" shell hit to increase buoyancy and get her off the bottom?

    They appear to rule out the hulk sinking in sediment or drifting far away with currents, so it does tend to suggest she blew-up? Just perhaps, if she did make it to the Tirplitz, she detonated with saddle-charge/charges attached because she couldn't release it/them, or, was destroyed by the other charges going off? A bit 'boys own', but..............

    Without the hull wreckage it remains quite open.

  6. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    That 'expert' chappie is a bit too good to be true - I have heard him lecture and he is fairly OK on the political & strategic stuff but I have difficulty giving him credibility at a detailed operational level. My own supposition is that X5 got into trouble after it was fired on and may have dumped that charge - and maybe the other one not far away - so as to try and get out once, for whatever reason, it was realised that it couldn't continue with its mission. The boat itself could be anywhere but probably somewhere on a line leading away from Tirpitz. But for ice-cold clammy courage that op takes some beating.
  7. The film is on now
    Film 4, Sky 315. Started about 20 minutes ago, not sure if there is a +1hour
  8. Thanks for that info .... just come in after a stroll with Mrs BR .... am now about to watch film .
  9. have seenthe film a number of times but it still has a fasination..

    standing on deck of tirpitz..
    german officer...do you realise how much danger you are in..

    Johnn mills........do we??

    john mills..........yes sir we do..
  10. There were a number of other X craft attacks, one being carried out by 2 XE Craft( an improved model) against the Japanese in Singapore, which is even more unbelievable than the raid on the Turpitz
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The bit in the Above Us The Waves film where the X craft gets stuck under Tirpitz has actually been moved from the attack on the Jap cruiser where exactly this happened. The BBC film just repeated does tell you exactly what happened on the Tirpitz raid as far as the surviving X craft were concerned.

    We still had two X Craft (Minnow and Stickleback) in service in 1956. One improvement was the provision of a heads. It was sited just under the entry hatch. I know because I got my foot stuck in it on a harbour visit. An X craft on the surface was a strange sight because mostly what you saw was a pole moving through the water with an officer hanging onto it, saluting all the ships senior to him as he sailed past. One of these boats was being transported by rail on a flatbed in about '55 when it was stuck for the night in a siding in Bristol. Its CO was alleged to have staged an official reception for the Mayor.
  12. Is that the one where the sub became stuck under the hull when the tide changed??? Wasn't there an attack where a VC was awarded???
  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    2 VCs I think, Fraser & McGinnis (Irish Catholic who was given a dreadful time by his own people when he got home). And, yes, the tide thing. Attack on cruiser TAKAO in Johore Strait 30.7.1945.
  14. Around the time that documentary was made i had the honour of meeting John Lorimer when he and his wife visited Kåfjord and Tromsø (they mis-pronounce Kåfjord in the docu, it sounds more like kawfjord rather than kafjord).
  15. Lately honoured with a mural in Tullycarnet.