Timetabling exercise

Thanks to the advice from replies to my last thread (http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=111165.html). I've now visited my AFCIO and am awaiting my initial interview.

I'm now trying to get myself into shape and am facing a bit of a problem with regards to timetabling exercise.

Since my reporting career went a bit pear-shaped I've had to take a job working split shifts. I'm up at 6.15am to start my morning shift which can finish anywhere between 10am and 1pm and start my evening shift at 6pm and can finish anytime between 10.30pm and 1am.

This is making scheduling exercise a bit of a nightmare - I can't do first thing in the morning or the evening because I'm at work. When I've tried exercising in my time off it generally hasn't gone too well because, due to my now very unhealthy sleeping pattern, I've been a bit knackered.

I need to make the most of my mid-mornings and afternoons but not be too knackered to work in the evenings and also make sure I get the rest I need.

Has anyone who's tried to stay fit while working split shifts got any guidance?

Two years ago, before my reporting career really started, I was extremely fit: swam 1000m twice a week, run 5-10k twice a week, lifted weights twice a week and was seriously considering taking up Triathlon. Once I started reporting, for financial reasons (couldn't afford the gym), I had to drop down to running the same sort of distance every second day and doing press ups, sit ups, crunches, squats etc on my non-running days. In short, I have been extremely fit and know the work involved to reach high fitness levels. I'm just having real difficulty using this knowledge when I'm working unpredictable and anti-social hours!

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