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  1. Dawson1988

    Dawson1988 Swinger

    Does anyone have or have a link for the phase 1 basic training timetable. i had one a while back in pdf format but cant remember where i got it.
  2. steff101

    steff101 Crow

    i have it, but only kno how to send it thru msn
  3. steff101

    steff101 Crow

    not sure if my pm messages are sending, Email addys via PM system please chaps just incase there not
  4. jasmin

    jasmin Old-Salt

    hey wouldnt mind a look at that myself im heading of in 4 weeks.

    Email addys via PM system please chaps thanks
  5. synergy22

    synergy22 Old-Salt

    Chaps & Chapettes - i'd remove your address if i were you. The Fun Police will come down like the horses of the apocalypse :p . Steff the PM's are working okay.

    My tupence worth heed my suggestion if you will... 8)

    Syn :)