Timespan from BARB test to 1st interview

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ben1985, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    Just one question, I took my BARB test score this Monday (23rd) and gave my recruting sargeant my medical form on Thursday.

    I'm just wondering when I will get my first interview-ish

    Does anybody know roughly how long?

    Just so ive got enough time to prepare revising job briefs, training lengths and so on.


  2. I think mine was within a couple of weeks. So you really need to start reading up now.
  3. think its been about 5 weeks for me now (it certainly feels like it, im waiting for them to get back to me about medical stuff aswell)
  4. as long as your of age and your medical passes, should be a couple of weeks.
  5. my 3 choices are:

    1. RLC- Driver
    2. RA Gunner AS90
    3. Infantry Soldier

    thoughts?, I'm not bad mechnically with cars and don't think driving is too bad, aswell you get all your LGV licences aswell so be useful when/if do come out.

  6. should take no longer than 4weeks dpends if any health issues arise. iv just had my second interview last week and have selection 7/8/07 so its a fast process would advise to get goin on ur briefs go xtra mile use net to get further knowledge theyre not looking for a history lesson just that u know what ur talking about be honest inquisitive and smile what u wana go in as
  7. You could be an Engineer Driver. Higher pay band than your 1st and 2nd choices. Or a VM REME.
  8. unfortunatly not high enough GCSE's for VM REME but i don't think driver will be too bad, and looking at the RA- Gunner AS90 looks quite a good one aswell, got to lug 43kg or near enough shells to load in the gun!, better get working on my arms!:p

  9. whats ur fitness like at min
  10. not too bad, can do press up's, pull up's and sit up's ok

    got my 1.5 mile run time to anywhere between 10:45-11:10 depending on how much effort, apparently got to be maximum of 11:30 to pass that section of the ADSC.

    Still working at it every day though and hopefully i should start my phase 1 about November/December/January
  11. all good the good luck to ya if u dnt here anything back in say 2-3-4 wks get on to ur recruiter just keep on to them no harm init
  12. You seem to have been misinformed return to your ACIO for clarification! BARB and TST at ADSC overide GCSE grades.

    GCSE's are a "nice to have" not a "MUST HAVE".

    AS90's are automated for loading BTW, steam gunnery is a thing of the past!
  13. i've been thinking about AAC SE Groundcrew, looks a very intresting job, you get all your LGV licences aswell as ensuring the helicopters are prepped and ready to attack.

    I checked on my eligible jobs list and I can do it, do you think i should put this as my first choice, seems the best out of the 3 yeah?

  14. quick hint really fella these guys will ask y u want to join these units u seem bit fuzzed on what you want to do honestly one min u feel uv been waiting for ur interview next min they through it all n ur plate be sure to be prepared mate
  15. Hello Gnr D,
    I thought you were a Recruiter/Snr Recruiter at the moment, is this right :?

    Unless things have changed that drastically in the past year (since I left recruiting)which Im led to believe havent by mates still doing recruiting I am a bit unsure of this statement.

    GCSE's are still a must and for REME VM you must have a minimum of D grades at English Language, Maths and a Science or an NVQ Level 2 or above in motor engineering were a SPSO would possibly give a shading.
    BARB tests are just a guide for trainability only just like the TST score.

    If things have changed in RI's please let me know.

    Regarding the time limit before your first interview it depends on the individual.
    As long as your sorting out your fitness whilst waiting for you medical suitability to come through and getting some idea from the net then things should go quite quickly.
    Once hopefully found suitable the recruiter would check on your run times (as a rule if running under 11.30 for males and 12.30 for females) id get you in for a job brief and work out exact jobs your eligable for and your three preferences.
    Id also probably show you the ADSC video and if any pre selection courses were coming up (sometimes one a month)try and get you on one just to give you a taster and to show you the kind of things you'd be doing and let you do the run and fitness tests for real. The biggest problems for a lot of people was the confidence side so having a practice at ice breakers and team tasks was always an advantage.

    If all goes well on average about 6-8 weeks from BARB test but its up to how much you listen to your recruiter and be honest about your abilities. Always take their adivise and dont rush in too quickly if your not ready.