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OK ladies and Gentlemen,

I have for sale 3 weeks time share

2 weeks at Elite Club Fuerteventura £2000 per week, these weeks are week 50 & 51

1 week at Club Monte Castillo Fuerteventura £1500 this is week 13

These timeshare weeks are for life not just xmas, the prices offered are greatly reduced, if they sell here I will donate £100 of each sale to the RBL. Reason for sale is moving into foreign property buying.

Please have a look at this link Timeshare Fuerteventura

sounds great , I looked at the site and no thanks.

2 grand a week but...

Located just 1 mile from the beach and just 10 minutes drive from the airport
a kin mile to the beach and a jet (ryianair or Easy) taking off 10 mins away , so no background noise then?. A great holiday -NOT.

Sooner stick needled dowm me japs eye.
yep a mile which is no hassle and regarding the airport there are no night time flights, less for the bloody inconsiderate mil exercise annually :D

Dont want Dont buy :lol:

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