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  1. For A Junior Entry, How Fast Must I Run A Mile And A Half In?

    I Hear Its 14 Minutes 30 Seconds,, This True?

  2. Due to the need of all military personnel having to be more physically fit (it's not just combat troops loosing their lives) it has been brought down dramatically to 09:30 for every one. Sorry, best get your running shoes on.
  3. Even For Junior Entry........?
  4. Yep. I saw a copy of the new guidelines in the QMSI's office the other day.
  5. Alright, I'm in a good mood. 09:30 is bollocks. 14:30 is probably about right but if you can't do under 10:30 you you should be ashamed.
  6. I can do in under 8 seconds. just wanted to know.
  7. You can run at 675mph? :?