Times: "Thousands Of Troops In Line For Pay Boost - Review Body Recommends 3% Increase"

A 2% raise - money in September's pay packet backdated to April. Also a 0.9% 'lump sum' sometime in the future. SFA & SLA, CILOCT etc increases to be revealed at a later date.

Thanks for nothing, chum. It is still below the inflation rate.

In the late 70's the whole regiment was told to parade on the square. the C.O. ( Lt Col J*** A****** (SAS) then read out the new pay rates that were going to be effective the following year. then read out the increase in food and Accommodation charges for the blockies . one off set the other, in effect, no pay rise. He then lambasted the MOD, Big time...... Top bloke. nothing changes, only the uniform.

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