Times: "Sir Jock Stirrup faces calls to stand down early"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by soleil, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Kiss of death then. He's oot.....
  2. Sir Jock, Sir Richard and Whoever is the First Sea Lord.
    Try reading Leadership in Battle by Sir Jack Smyth V. C. on the Generals who where competing for the Top Jobs in Brit Army during the run up to WW II.
    Makes me wonder just who is qualified to Lead H M Forces now and who is a politician in uniform.
  3. Basically he was a pawn in the rather murky game of Whitehall politics. I for one am pleased he's 'out' - a lightweight at the best of times. He got promoted over Sir Clive Loader who should have got the CAS job and who knows might have made a better CDS if he hadn't been sidelined. But I think the consensus is that there should be an Army General in the role of CDS now.
  4. Stirrup wasn't promoted over Loader to become CAS - Loader was a 2* when Stirrup became CAS.

    Loader's passing over came last time round - he was supposedly in the frame to replace Torpy, but Sir Stephen Dalton got the job instead.
  5. My bad, you're right, getting them mixed up. :oops:
  6. Whatever the time-frame involved, I agree that Sir Clive Loader is a man who should have 'gone on further'. I state this opinion based on personal observations.

    Keeping 'dear old' Stirrup rotors turning for year after year cannot do the Armed Forces any good at all - the Armed Forces is a young man's job. It does however, keep the repellent Brown happy as he is confident that Sir Jock will not be nasty to him!

  7. There are many above him who believe Loader blotted his copybook by stating the truth in the Nimrod Board of Inquiry report - preciptating the Haddon-Cave inquiry and subsequent embarrassment to both MoD and Government.

    Everyone below him thinks he did the right thing.
  8. How the f**k can he be "standing down early",he has been in the job to long as it is? :roll:
  9. Especially as he was asked to extend to keep Dannatt out of the job.
  10. According to wikipedia

    "In mid 2008, the Government extended Stirrup's term of office to 2011 which effectively prevented the then Chief of the General Staff, Sir Richard Dannatt, from being appointed to the UK's senior military position. If Stirrup serves until 2011 he will have been the longest serving CDS since Mountbatten in the 1960s.[11] He will also have spent the longest time in the rank of air chief marshal of all but a handful of RAF officers."

    I have a feeling that he is for the chop when Labour lose the general election regardless of the next few months, as he will be seen as one of "Brown's Men".
  11. i've made the point before...how the feck can you have a head of armed forces who doesn't even have an operational tour / medal?
  12. He doesn't, but he does have direct operational experience as a Strikemaster pilot in Dhofar.
  13. ...as a junior officer in command of himself and his 'plane.

    This is what happens when the entire basis for how far someone gets in the junior service is how good his hand-eye co-ordination was when he was 18!
  14. fair one...but it was on loan service and over 35 years ago!