Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Shamus, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Why is the guy on p93 of today's Time i.e. Sat 28 Feb 09, supposedly of the Queen's Royal Hussars, wearing an Int Corps beret? or am I wrong?
  2. A pic or a link would be good?
  3. I can't find it anywhere. You must be wrong, the press doesn't make mistakes.
  4. Perhaps he was once in a proper regiment like QRIH or the Skinns??
  5. So what's the surprise? The papers are always getting cap badges and unit titles wrong. Even papers that ought to know better like BFG's Sixth Sense get it wrong with monotonous regularity, so why not the Times?
  6. I agree that they are always getting it wrong; one of the TV channels has just broadcast an interview with "Lance Corp J Beharry VC".

    Lance Corporal Litotes


    LCpl Litotes (sometimes L/Cpl...)
  7. The general quality of defence journalism is very poor, they simply regurgitate press releases and bang a random photo. There was an article about FRES that was illustrated with a US M60 tank and never mind the endless Snatch/WMIK confusion
  8. Attached perhaps?
  9. Unfortunately I read it in the Times newspaper today, and although I've searched on the Times online I can't find it; to post a link - sorry would have done if it was there - they even quote a name - which I won't repeat in case he is Int Corps!
  10. Incidently for those of you who can't see today's Times; it a photo of an Irag army soldier patrolling with a Brit, supposely Queens Own Hussars, but waring an Int Corps beret, it's in colour too.
  11. Many years ago I had a small book published by the MoD called something like the Journalist's Guide to the Army or something similar. It was published in about 1970 and it had all this sort of stuff in it to help the journo get it right. It included a list of regiments and ranks by full title and correct abbreviation etc.
  12. I have worked with Matt myself, that's probably him on the left, in the burqa
  13. actually i think you'll find he's the one at the back, by the car. :roll:
  14. Fecking berets on patrol in Basrah? Wasn't like that in my day......