Times have changed?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ches, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Obviously times change but i was speaking to the ACF det commander of my girlfriends son the other night after his parade & the hoops they now have to jump through to get the cadets on any decent activities are downright stupid. Anyway it got me thinking how things have changed with regards to squaddie life.

    I still see & speak to a few of the blokes i was in with & they pass on general chit chat & gossip about how things are or have been recently, as well as reading ARRSE & it seems quite obvious that a lot has changed.
    I joined in 83 & did 5 years & i remember a much more 'liberal' outlook to certain things.

    Travel warrants used to be a quite easy to get & use without problems. Some blokes i know have had BritTrans Cops & train inspectors giving them a huge amount of grief when they've used the modern equivalent. Even MOD 90's have been studied closely. In my day there was almost deference to a travelling squaddie. On the same subject i used to remember a significant number of blokes going on leave & taking a set of kit to change into in the nearest bogs off base. The old posing in uniform in your own high street was very popular. This was when the boyos were hard at it to so PERSEC was hammered into you. Never see any now.

    Weekend leaves when you got together with some mates & buggered off somewhere cadging a lift on Army transport was pretty rife. I remember a group of lads getting a lift from Strensall near York down to Colchester on a variety of vehicles. Quick chat with the convoy commander & off they went.

    I also vaguely remember weekend para jumps at Brize being allowed.

    Just wonder if i'm remembering things (being told things) through rose tinted glasses.

  2. Maybe because OPSEC is an issue, as well as PERSEC, and we're not dealing with the same calibre of terrorists.
  3. That and you would get a load of chavs asking if you have a machine gun in your pocket.
  4. I was just pleased to see them!