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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by short-fuse, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. I saw this in the times this morning. One wonders whether he has ever met a soldier or has a clue of what we do. He obviously believes that we are all psychotic. Funny, next time I have to deal with a UXB I think I shall ask him to deal with it.

  2. I was going to post this earlier but I was grinding my teeth with rage too much to make sensible comment
  3. Me thinks he got out of his fluffy bed, stepped into his fluffy slippers and washed his grid, got into his fluffy car, and went to his fluffy desk in his fcuking fluffy world.
    I hate **** like this, no sense of reality.
  4. It's an easy mark to blame soldiers for war and to suggest that without such brutes we would all live comfortable and long lives in caring industries.

    Of course this overlooks the fact that this only works when no-one breaks the rules and imposes their will through the use of force. This poses a problem for Martin Samuel's society and of peaceful souls as they have no defence against these forceful interlopers. Think Aztec, think plains Indians, think Australian Aborigines - history teaches that violence and application of force are constants. Samuels community will be turned over in short order.

    Of course Samuel's doesn't need to worry about this as countless lives have been lost, men maimed and put through terrible privations so that he doesn't need to. He can in perfect safety pour scorn on those to whom he owes his liberty. A bunch of terribly rough men will stand to and crack heads on his behalf and isn't he glad that he doesn't need to worry about getting his hands dirty.

    You are right Samuels 99.9% need not apply. That includes you - you couldn't hack it.

    Yes they are hard, yes they practice violence - would you want to fight them? That is the crux and that is what it comes down to.
  5. The article is in the comments/Op Ed section sadly they forgot to add that he is a SPORTS Writer.

    Just remember when the HMG f***s up it is the Armed Forces who are asked to shoot sheep, drive fire engines, police belfast and project power in our nations defence.

  6. OK, time to write a letter I fancy. I may have not done anything in comparison to many and most on this site, but I am at least thankful and greatful that there are people who will stand up in order that I can go to work and keep my family safe. If you don't know how your being protected, either find out and say thank you or shut up and sit down!

  7. I think his final paragraph says it all really:

    Lets all hide from the terrible nastiness of real life. Lets disband the British Army and we will be violence free. If we do it then horrid people like Mugabe will surely follow. Those beastly IRA people will never dare take up arms against our passivism.

    The man is a total w*nker. I'm just surprised the Times gave over such expensive page area to this tripe.
  8. He does make an interesting and valid point though in amongst the rest of the crap though;

    and show me a Serviceman who doesn't share a similar view to his mate;

    Please note that this is not a defence of the article
  9. All very flowery, but it all falls apart with his final paragraph. The problem is that his "heroes" the 99.9% of toolers who dont apply are too busy, claiming dole, hanging around, complianing about the country and what it owes them, stealing cars, making a mess, shooting drugs into themselves and wastiung vaulable oxygen. Save the planet - reduce the 99.9%!
  10. Society will evolve only when we divorce heroism and war and accept that it is equally valiant to not want to drive a tank. You know that recruitment campaign with the slogan that says 99.9 per cent need not apply? I love that 99.9 per cent. My kind of people, the 99.9 per cent. Get up, go to work, nobody gets hurt. The best of British, I mean that. Heroes all....Martin Samuel

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready
    to do violence on their behalf.George Owell

    its a fcuking good job there are enough "rough men" to keep the wolves from the door. is this what our country is coming to. is this tossers views the majority or am i a neandrathal and a barbarian because i believe in fighting for my country.

    i have never heard such a load of crap since i had a slight disagreement with some tosser who decided i was a babykiller simply for wearing a uniform. it was a very short disagreement :evil:

    i dont give a damn that the majority of our people will never have to lift a finger to defend our countries interests after all thats what we are paid for. what does bother me is when we, as soldiers, are treated as scum by the people we serve.

    i think a pile of letters to the editor of this rag from many of us on this site is called for. maybe its time to break our silence and tell fcukwits like this the reality of a soldiers life.

    in 10 years time this so called journalist will be long forgotten. it is Orwells words that will live on and be remembered. i am proud to be one of the "rough men" and even prouder to stand alongside my brothers in uniform. it is a pride this wan ker will never know
  11. So when sombody is trying to hack down his door with a machete to kill him and his family because of his rasce\colour\creed\political dispostion he still won't see the need for us then? It's amazing how people with no spine or sense of duty can cover up for this by denouncing those who protect them for their own shortcomings. Hell, if we were of a certain religion we could denounce him and force him into hiding!
  12. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/section/0,,21131,00.html

    One fist south of Samuels' picture - "Join the debate link"

    Join the debate and wade in (there is a "don't use my name etc" check box at the bottom)
  13. God scum like that; annoy me more than the Guardian article with its cherry picked snips at ARRSE. A Sports Journalist who should stick to watching Chav ball and not comment on things he knows nothing about I hope his kids grow up ashamed of him.
  14. Woo, must be nice to live on his planet where everyone hugs each other. The final comment makes me crack up: which society does he live in? Everyone gets up to go to work, no-one gets hurt? Can't be anywhere in the UK. As for "The best of British, I mean that. Heroes all." NOW I understand - he's obviously a champion of deferred success... NO, not every member of society is a hero - the definition of a hero is a person who is admired for having done something very brave or having achieved something great - getting up and going to work in the City doesn't qualify a man or a woman as a hero.

    The man is a fool. :evil: