Times Article, Women Soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Posted for general interest.

    From today's Times...

  2. That'll p*ss off the lesbians . Lets go back to the old WRAC days. The Army has been more PC in certain areas than it should have been and it looks like it's bit it in the ARRSE.

    As for the training of Instructors, the BIT course isn't enough and never eally has been. As for the 'babysitting' approach, well that's down to having to bow to the PC Bde, who didn't want to be criticised in light of bullying allegations . Now they are having a go again.

    They are right about some of the accommodation.

    They are also right that the women can't cut it aginst the blokes when it comes down to boots on soldiering.

    Army.......you just can't get it right.
  3. So what the hell do they want. They didn't like a 'two-tier' approach because it was sexist. Now we fail a duty of care because more women get injured because we try to treat them as equals. Typical no-win political bullsh1te.
  4. It'll cause problems for more than just the femminists.
  5. People still complaining about swearing in the Army is just pathetic, when they live the life, they can stop swearing, everyone else can just f*ck off :p

    I'd be willing to bet they didn't tell 6'3" "Basher" to take down his pinups though.

    Royal Marines forced to jump in cold water? Dear, dear, what is the world coming to? 99.99% need not bring armbands.

    When civilians try to tell the Army how to run it's world compared to 'civilian' standards, it's worse than sh*te.
  6. Yeah! Stop the fuckingswearing!

    And get them posters down.........people will think that you are heterosexual.
  7. Beer? Beer! You're not drinking beer, that's stereotypical, try a white wine spritzer instead :D
  8. Feckin 13 mins and 15 secs for 1.5 miles where on earth did they get that little feckin gem?

    Really they did their research didn't they?