Times are hard even for them!!

Blimey - they've moved to Swansea too!


Book Reviewer
I just sent him a question : is any of this kit fire damaged at all from when you were on the balcony?
awaiting a reply.
As far as I am aware he signed for that kit so its not his forever he has to hand it in.

Oh and I noticed he has already sold the black strip from his face .
SAS escape and evation course book / Hereford restricted
SAS training wing selection course card / restricted
SAS rules of engagement orange card / northern Ireland / restricted
SAS rules of engagement green card/ nato / restricted
6x SAS photos taken in training camp Hereford, with full assault gear on....say its you
SAS sniper patch
SAS nato combat jacket
SAS shamage

What's 'evation'?
'say its you'. . and we come to the crux of the matter which is . . . WALTING
You don't spell Shamagh like that you feckin dullard
'Sort' after? Surely he means 'sought' after? He'll never get a book contract with grammar like that.

Just curious - do the SAS have Staff Sergeants or Colour Sergeants?
I have just sent him a message with a link to this page, I wonder if I will get a reply?
considering the muppet spent the last month amassing many of these wares on ebay himself (his buyer history brings up a few DPM smocks, the swagger stick, a training manual or two, etc), I think we can safely write this one off. I just feel sorry for the poor b*gger who's about to drop 750 on it all... oh wait a minute I'm not.
Oh great!
you've let other people know about this so someother bugger will start bidding
I'm going to have to up my bid

Ebay Walt lol!!

Isnt selling restricted items illegal?
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