Times and Guardian call for MORE MONEY for ARMY

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. In his first interview since taking up his post as chief of the general staff, General Dannatt warned: "We are running hot, certainly running hot." He added: "Can we cope? I pause. I say 'just'." the army was "meeting challenges on the hoof". But it was not for him to say whether the 5% of public spending (about £30bn) earmarked for defence - a figure he compared with the 29% spent on social security - was sufficient. "There is room for debate," he said. "There should be a national debate about whatever [is judged] enough."

    But soldiers had to "feel valued by society and feel well looked after", and he pointed to the poor state of accommodation for them and their families.

    Interveiw with General Dannet in full


    From the Times leader -

    £1 billion taken from the Treasury contingency reserve, not the defence budget, to be accounted for over five years — will obviously be inadequate. It is perfectly possible that the threat posed by the Taleban will be reduced in a relatively short order, but it would be wise to increase the sum that can be spent by the military. They should not have to penny-pinch

    The Ministry of Defence should not shirk in submitting its supplemental bid, nor should the Treasury withhold backing for that sum of money.

    in full


    It would seem that with General Dannatt giving his first interview to the Guardian monday edition (the one that all media professionals and 'opinion formers' read), he is rather media savvy (or well advised). I would say that this show's he will be making a lot of public noise which should be reinforced by many letters to MP's.

    winds of change prehaps
  2. I missed another bit from the Guardian

    'Questions must be answered too about perceptions of overstretch, poor army morale and inadequate equipment. Disquiet about Afghanistan is not at anything like the same level as it is for Iraq. But that could change. If British personnel must die to make that distant country a better place then the British public needs to know exactly what is happening there, and why.'
  3. Thanks for that, 'armchair_jihad'. That is indeed an excellent and important interview of the new CGS by the Guardian's Defence Correspondent, Richard Norton-Taylor.

    [my bold]

    What a contrast that makes with the "stretched but not over-stretched" line trotted out by the Chiefs of Staff and politicians year by year, no matter how the situation changes.

    It is ironic that the MOD's "stretched but not over-stretched" line is repeated yet again in the new (Sep 06) issue of "Soldier" magazine. I do not envy MOD officials the task of persuading Ministers to stop saying it.
  4. "Streched but not over stretched" is obviously the latest labour government spin to convince the public. We've had "Tough on crime, and tough on the causes of crime", "24 hours to save the NHS" and look at the state of those institutions.

    Maybe the government should spend less on supporting malingerers sitting on housing estate walls, producing armies of offspring in order to get more benefits, and more on the armed forces which are really doing us proud in terrible conditions. Also perhaps cutting the lazy, idle wasters benefits it may give them the necessary incentive to get a job (thus actualy contributing to the system) or join the army (contributing to ease the manpower shortage).
  5. Ironically, I've always felt that, for all the difference in style/image, Dannatt is inherently a much tougher thinker than Jackson was: this may indicate a CGS who will actually make an impression... Be nice, for a change.
  6. He certainly seems to be trying to tell it like it is. I wonder if this interview was screened by the MOD first?
  7. Let's all get behind Sir Richard. Winds of change indeed, Chiefs of Staff stand up for your men and demand more resources and better equipment. No more spineless lickspittle, your men are dying for a cause that has not been fully explained to the British people.
  8. I know Richard Dannatt very well. I remember him as a Subaltern when he won his MC on Op BANNER, when he was a Company Commander and when he commanded my Regiment. I trust him implicitly and completely as a man I would happily go to war with. He is very much a soldier's soldier!

    He has been there, done it and bought the t-shirt!

    If he says we are only just meeting our commitments then by Christ you can take him at his word!

    I just hope to God the politicians listen to him - if they do not then we are really in trouble!

    Regards and best wishes
  9. I'm pleased as punch that yet another Green Howard has made the top job in the same decade - a superb achievement for a county regiment!! Sir Richard Dannatt will, I assure you, fight the cause of the remaining line regiments and will not try and turn what's left in to para style units. As a former CO of a county regiment, he understands totally the importance of local units within the army.
  10. Wars, Armies, The Military are all very exspensive.
    You fight todays battles with what you had in the armoury this morning not with what is on the wish list for the years to come.
    Until then the service man pays with his blood.
  11. Unfourtunately the kind of equipment the Army needs for these kinds of wars generates very little in the way of profits for BAE or jobs in marginal constituencies in the way that many Air Force and Navy programmes do.
  12. Some of you are 'blowing smoke up the man's arrse' in saying that he will 'walk the walk' so to speak, but the fact is that he really doesn't have the choice. The whole country (well, those who are interested anyway) already know what the situation is in respect of shortages and all eyes are on him.

    It doesn't matter whether he's from a 'County Regiment' or the RLC either, it's irrelevant. He has no place to hide. Shit or get off the pot.
  13. Good to see him speaking out, I hope that the politicians listen to him and do not decide to terminate his appointment early in favour of a lacky as has happened in the past.

    This interview should help the lads' morale a bit, but it remains to be seen if anything is done as a consequence. Further inaction will only reduce morale. Gen Dannett has made an excellent first impression, long may it continue!
  14. Tim Collins was on BBC news yesterday making alot of sense, it's a pity that more Ex forces officers are not putting pressure on the Government in the media.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I think I hope it wasn't screened by the MOD first. If not, the message he is sending out is, "I am telling the public what they need to know, not what the MOD thinks the public want to know."

    I think.