Timely warning re Lock Snapping...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Troy, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Here is a warning worth spreading around...
    Std disclaimer intro... Done the search to no avail, this might be in the wrong place, or have been done before, etc... Yet if it helps someone somewhere then it's all to the good.

    Lock Snapping and lock bumping is on the rise in Yorkshire, but let's face it this could quickly spread.

    BBC News - Rise in 'lock snapping' burglaries in West Yorkshire

    Lock Snapping - Lock Snapping

    Lock Bumping - Lock Bumping Resistance Cylinders

    If you have door locks like these, then it's time to call in a locksmith.
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  2. Euro Locks are rubbish. Might as well leave them undone and save the cost of repair after the burglars have been.
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  3. So when a 'diamond' lock is smashed, they replace it with a lock that can, erm, be smashed....?
  4. Warnings about bump keys have been doing the rounds for at least 12 years, the videos have been found and re-found but it's always worth reminding nice people about good home security.

    Ultimately the equation I used to tell people is:

    amount of noise you are willing to make X damage willing to cause = time taken to open door or window.

    That said, from 18 months on a london burglary sqd; most burglaries are either insecure premises, or windows open etc. On our shitter parts of town, it was a standard kick the door in and help yourself.

    Only a few times did you get the strange ones, particularly burglary by long cane through letter box to get car keys. Usually high value vehicles too. They tended to be the more professional, forensically aware of our suspects.
  5. You can get bump proof and hardened replacements on line for @ £16
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  6. As Sean Bean experienced. He was bemoaning the matter in a Camden bar when my colleague expanded on the technique. Being away on lengthy film shoots assisted the burglar's time on target.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Twos up on that link I found some but they were £46 a pop and I'll need 7 barrels doing.
  8. If a scumbag wants to get in and has the time and inclination then expensive locks are not going to deter them.
    Far better to fit an alarm, CCTV or both and make it look like your home is never unoccupied.

    I was away for a fortnight over Xmas and new year. Bloke next door went away for three days. The scumbags kicked in his area door and took a couple of tv's and some jewellery. Plod believed they never had a go at mine because my car was on the drive (cab to the airport), lights on timers in a couple of rooms and 3 exterior CCTV camera's combination front and rear.

    Mind you around 18 years ago I was living in E17, had just got home from work and was in the bath when I heard the doorbell, bollocks I thought and took my time going to the front door as I dried myself (I was in alone). When I got there I noticed a shovel between the door frame and the door. I dropped my towel in surprise and quickly opened the door, I don't know who was more surprised me or the wannabe burgler when he saw all 6 foot strapping me in my birthday suit. Course he took off at a rate of knots (probably thought I was queer) dropping the shovel, I did give chase as far as my gate but thought it prudent to give up at that point due to my attire.
    Plod got some prints off the shovel and went and fetched him (he was known to them and clearly not very bright). About 8 Month's later he was at court for this and other offences where he got 2 years. I kept smiling at him and licking my lips when at court.
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  9. As aforementioned, definitely not just a case of fitting locks of a better rating; if you have something that a cretin wants, they will get it one way or another if they are determined. CCTV is a good option, but even something as simple as motion-sensing flood lights front, side and rear help.

    Gravel is another option and will put some of the idiots off. Anything that generally will cause them to make noise or be seen. Unfortunately regardless of all of this, my house was still broken into. Dad was up working late one night and had left out his property files along with 2 mobile phones on charge that were easily visible.

    They must have been watching for when he went to bed as shortly after there was a huge 'boom' (the vacuum being broken in the french patio doors) caused by a boot scraper block stolen from next doors garden. The funny part was, they didn't take the laptop or the phones, they only got a handful of files which they dumped down the street and we luckily recovered. I took delight in the fact one of them fell over a cast iron dining chair (one of the quite heavy ones) and hopefully did some damage.
  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    You need a Honey Badger. They teach them
  11. Big FO Dog that all the neighbours know is a killer as he had arse out of a Romanian scally last year. Even the wifes tax accountant knows about him. (dog not Romanian)
  12. Most cylinders fitted to new builds will come with anti-pick, bump, snap, it's becoming a standard.

    Not that it matters much, as windows are far easier to break into, you have all the hook bolts, shoot bolts, claw bolts, with half a nous you can be in in seconds. No broken glass or split plastic.

    If your eurocylinder is proud of the frame, fit an escutcheon plate, the breaker bar can't get a grip of the cylinder.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yonks ago I met a big horrible Viking for whom burglary was Mothers milk. We hit it off. First time he came to my gaff he looked around and said "Locks are for honest people".

    I struggled for years trying to puzzle that one out. But now, I feel I know what my chum was saying.

    My gaff is wrapped tighter than a gnats chuff. Advanced biometric access systems, hi-def CCTV, IR shit and all sorts. Except the boot room where the door is never locked. It is at the back and may be accessed through the woods. It is the only bit of the gaff not covered by CCTV, IR trips or security lights.

    If that is not a clue, be lucky, burglar.