Timeline for SDSR force structure changes now online

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by jim30, Nov 8, 2010.

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  1. An interesting read - particularly losing over half the Tornado FE@R, and not mentioing the disposal of either an LPH or Illustrious.

    Transparency | Number10.gov.uk
  2. From the top of my head, didn't the SDSR say that a review would be conducted first and no timescale was given.
  3. So the cuts outlined by the PM (with Dr Fox sitting next to him looking like he was about to jump up and hit him) are not set in stone?

  4. Eh?

    Which cuts are you questionning?

    They're all there except the Ocean/Illustrious permutation:-
    Ark Royal to be gone by April 2011
    4 x Type 22 to be gone by April 2011
    1 x Bay Class to be gone by March 2012
    1 x Albion Class to be mothballed by March 2012
    5,000 RN pers to be gone by April 2015
  5. Dunno - haven't read the linked document. You said something about a review being outlined?
  6. SDSR notes that a single LPH (type) ship will be kept in service. It doesn't say for how long and it states that a decision is to be made whether it will be Ocean or Illustrious. The only review/decisions is/are which of the two hulls will be disposed of and whether any will remain after 2015.
  7. It doesn't mention how the skills to run a carrier will be maintained post Harrier.
  8. What doesn't?
  9. [​IMG]

    At least the CAG looks happy! :)

    Note: "1 figure included" refers to the size of the post SDSR navy
  10. Well you've thought about it more than the SDSR authors!
  11. "Removal of 40% of our Challenger holdings?" That sounds more like a disposal than a mothballing.

    If the cuts run on for another 20 year like they have for the last 20, Chav Gangsta's will be the closest thing to armed forces we have.